Return To Lake Cluebegone

Fellow Minnesotan blogger Mitch Berg has a devastating Fisking of Garrison Keillors comments about Senator Norm Coleman. It’s well worth reading as it rips Keillor to shreds. (He’s referred to as "a spoiled, petulant egomaniac" – and with good reason.)

Again, I’ve met Senator Coleman. It’s clear that Mr. Keillor is viewing the world through leftist-tinted glasses, and his whining that he didn’t get his way is the kind of thing that only serves to embarrass the people of this state who were smart enough not to fall for the DFL’s half-baked schemes. Someone needs a one-way ticket back to Lake Woebegone where he can commiserate by himself. Either that or we can put him on the one-way flight to Paris with Alec Baldwin.

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