More Blood On Palestinian Hands

Six Israelis were gunned down in Hebron a short while ago while heading to worship. If this is the way the Palestinians want to treat their neighbors, they deserve what they’re going to get from the IDF. Until the Palestinians start caring more for their own people than for killing Jewish women and children, they shall not have, nor do they deserve their own state.

UPDATE: It now appears that ten Israelis were killed and 15 wounded.

11 dead and 20 wounded.

6 thoughts on “More Blood On Palestinian Hands

  1. I’m sure if we were conquered by our neighbors and surrounded by overwhelming military force we’d be more discriminant in our resistance.

  2. Damnit, you’re going to say that I approve targeting of civilians. I do not. I just find it amazing that you expect more from the Palestinians given thier situation. Maybe had Israel tried to rebuild the Palestinian lands after taking them a la Marshall Plan or whatever and given them some degree of opportunity instead of just sending in colonists with military escorts things might just be a bit different. Hell Palestine may have even wanted to stay conjoined with Israel. To the best of my knowledge Israeli citizens live in a hell of a lot better conditions than most Arabs. But no, let just force them at gunpoint to compliance for 40 or so years while stagnating and hope for the best. Israel brought this situation entirely on themselves.

  3. So the Palestinians got the shaft. In what way does that justify killing Israeli civilians? By that logic, it would be perfectly fine for an Indian to walk into the new Wal-Mart in Sioux Falls with a bomb belt and blow the place up – after all, it was their land and we stole it from them.

    The Palestinians could have had their own state. They could have created a better life for themselves. They’ve had numerous chances to do so over the past few years. Instead, people like Arafat decided that the only priority for the Palestinian people is killing Jews.

    Not only that, but they started long before the Israelis started their settlements in the West Bank. (Which are being removed by the IDF I might add.)

    I’ve reached the sad but unfortunately conclusion that the Palestinians aren’t a state, and aren’t a true people. They’re a mob largely controlled by a bunch of bloodthirsty and savage tyrant, and until they begin to show otherwise, they deserve to be treated as such.

  4. Well, I’ve thought about walking into the new Wal-Mart with a bomb belt myself… but then I realized how nice it is to have a place to go shopping at two in the morning. 🙂

    Yes, we screwed the Lakota- but the Lakota aren’t blowing themselves up trying to get their land back.

    Tell me this, though: If you were in their shoes, how would you act? Would you fight back against the Jewish conquerers- or would you be a nice Arabian Uncle Tom for the landgrabbing scum? I’ll admit that blowing yourself up to kill civilians is rather disturbing, but it is very effective in stirring up fear. They don’t have nuclear weapons, after all.

    The Palestinians are never “going to learn their place”- their place is ruling that land, and until they’re in charge and the Jews are either out or subject to their rule, there will be no peace. The only way to end the bloodshed is for one group to leave, or one group to concede- and I’m afraid that will have to be the Jews.

  5. Personally I hope the two can resolve thier differences. I’d rather see Israel and Palestine united than separate. An independant Palestine would probably end up as much of a shithole as most of the rest of the Arab controlled middle east. Sadly with thier respective leaderships I don’t see that as being very probable at all in the near future. Granted the Israeli leadership is up for a reshuffling in the next few months, as poor as the situation has gotten in Palestine any replacement of Arafat would probably be much much worse even as totally inept as he is.

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