Gore Loser

Al Gore is flapping his jaw again

It looks like Al Gore, last seen impersonating an automoton from a Disney ride is trying to set himself up as the 2004 Democratic presidential candidate by harping on the Bush Administration as much as possible. In The World According To Al, the Bush Administration has been "catastrophic" and our foreign policy belies our intentiont to "cominate the world," all of which proves that Al Gore has never met a hyperbole he doesn’t like.

Gore represents the very reasons why the Democratic Party lost the last round of elections. President Bush is like the rabbit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail (now there’s an analogy I never thought I’d make!). He may look like an easy target, but he’s surrounded by the corpses of his political opponents who made the mistake of underestimating him. By all accounts, Al Gore should have won in 2000, but because his campaign was lackluster, his persona forced, and his policies a sham, he lost enough electoral votes to ensure what could have been a landslide turned into a stalemate.

The fact remains that President Bush is very popular with mainstream America. His fiscal policies are not disastrous – they may not be perfect, but they’re working to turn the economy after the past year of constant negative economic stimuli. He’s fighting the war on terror, destabilizing al-Qaeda, and it was the United States that finally forced the UN to start acting on Iraq.

To people like Al Gore, that’s just intolerable. Not only is Al Gore a loser, but he’s the sorest loser of them all. The only thing he can do is complain and whine about how terrible Bush is.

Let Gore run in 2004. Another campaign of Al Gore’s shrill and artificial rantings will give the DNC the biggest loss since Mondale in 1984.

2 thoughts on “Gore Loser

  1. And he had so much promise once too…

    Yes, as a liberal democrat I’ll agree 100%. Go away Al Gore. You suck. You blew an election that should have been handed to you on a silver platter. Not only that, you’re whinny and annoying; good only as a Darrell Hammond impersonation. Now either change, or get out of the political spotlight as your really making us look bad. (Or I guess on top of many other things to those reading who might be ‘misguided’. 🙂 Okay I won’t even try to back that up. The party’s in shambles and has been for some time but that’s another debate. 🙂

    Wait. No. Run in 2004. Please. Shrub has an almost garunteed landslide victory ahead. Don’t make us waste someone good.

    Excellent. He does have a use. 🙂

  2. A landslide victory for Bush isn’t assured, Al. Two years is a lot of time to screw up… and for an exciting new candidate to emerge. In 1990, nobody outside of Arkansas had heard of Bill Clinton, and most pundits were betting that Bush Sr. would win a second term. Nothing is as set in stone as you think.

    Bush’s popularity rating is already dropping, and he’s going to make a wrong move, you can bet on it… (targeting a massive tax cut at the upper classes rather than the lower classes, who actually SPEND the money that they get back, was his first mistake.) Watch for more economic blunders and international bloopers in coming months. I’m predicting that 2004 is going to be one wild election. (Especially in SD, where I’m betting that Daschle vs. Thune is going to be the race to watch- all eyes will be on my little state once again.)

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