A Matter Of Life And Death

Two stories from the Jerusalem Post highlight the difference between the Israelis and the Palestinians today. The first talks of the horrendous killing of 11 Israelis on a schoolbus yesterday:

A suicide bomber wearing an explosives belt packed with nuts and bolts blew himself up Thursday on a bus full of high school students on their way to classes in Jerusalem’s Kiryat Menachem neighborhood, killing 11 people and wounding 50.

One of the dead was a 13-year-old girl, and many of the wounded were teenagers, media reports said.

The reaction from the father of this murderer?

Police identified the bomber as Nael Abu Hilail, 23, from Bethlehem.

Abu Hilail’s father, Azmi, said he was pleased with his son. "Our religion says we are proud of him until the day of resurrection," Abu Hilail said. "This is a challenge to the Zionist enemies."

The Zionist enemies… which consists of 13 year old girls.

That’s the difference between Israel and Palestine. One is a culture that embraces life, the other is one that seeks to snuff it out in a frenzy of violence and blood. Until the Palestinians care more for their own lives than they do for killing Israelis, there can never be peace between the two.

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