More Jaw-Flapping From Al…

Now Al Gore is taking on the "fifth column" of conservatives in the media.

The members of the media are overwhelmingly Democratic. Most media outlets have a left-liberal viewpoint not only on their editorial page, but increasingly in their reporting as well. The head anchors of the major media outlets are all left-of-center, some extremely so.

On the other hand, there’s Rush Limbaugh and FoxNews. From the tone of Gore’s voice, you’d think that there was no ABC, CNN, or New York Times and that the whole media is controlled by some sinister right-wing cabal. Except that in the real world, conservatives are still a distinct minority in American media. Also in the real world, the Democratic Party has its own media lapdogs, and they’ve been around much longer than Rush Limbaugh or FoxNews.

What would Gore prefer? That we have a media that remains one-sidedly Democratic? That somehow including conservative Republican voices somehow is bad for political discourse? It’s a horrendously stupid argument, and it shows the fact that the Democrats are realizing that they’re losing their media stranglehold. The Democrats aren’t considering the fact that the reason why Limbaugh and FoxNews are so popular is because the other media outlets have systematically ignored and marginalized conservatives so that they have nowhere else to go.

It’s clear that the Democrats think that representation of conservative views is a bad thing, and if they can’t win against the Republican message, they’ll try to bury it instead.

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