Signs It’s A Slow News Day

Matt Drudge has a shocking expose on Sen. John Kerry, who is likely to throw his hat into the ring for the 2004 Presidential race:

Democrat all-star John Kerry of Massachusetts is positioning himself as a populist politician as he takes the first step for a White House run — but the self-described "Man of The People" pays $150 to get his hair styled and shampooed!

This is banner headline news in what way? Please, leave the petty class envy to the left; they do it far better.

2 thoughts on “Signs It’s A Slow News Day

  1. I sure as hell hope Kerry doesn’t run… if he does, and doesn’t change his image, it will be 1988 all over again. Massachusetts Democrats aren’t exactly big vote draws. His only option, if he wants to gain a following (outside his home state, where he won his last election with no challenger), is to pull a McCain- style himself as a political maverick, do some daring political policy stunts, present a real alternative message to Bush- and beat Al Gore to pieces. But that’s easier said than done.

    It’s early in the race, but for now the Democratic party has three hopes:
    1. Bush screwing up royally
    2. Sen. John Edwards
    3. A whole hell of a lot of dumb luck.

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