The New Left?

Andrew Hagen makes the observation that left-leaning independents are the future of the left. It’s an interesting theory, and one that may be correct.

The Democratic Party in America is in a state of turmoil, as it has managed to lose what was once a dominant position in American politics. Despite those who would return to the more centrist policies of the Clinton Administration, the current leadership of the DNC is taking the Democrats on a course further and further leftward. However, that’s not the direction that the country is moving. The DNC base isn’t going to go anywhere, and the Democrats cannot win elections by only appealing to a narrow liberal constituency.

That leaves a lot of centrist Democrats in the lurch at the moment, and a lot of liberals who view the left’s embracing of the more vociferous anti-war ideologues with disgust. Christopher Hitchens is one example of this, but if the national Democratic leftward shift continues, he may not be the only one.

The left is in disarray right now, and the primary reason they got here is because they couldn’t elucidate any policies other than "we think Bush sucks". That doesn’t win elections. Policies win elections, plans win elections, and strong positive messages win elections. Unless the left can stop standing on the basis of being against things and start being for things, the deterioration of the left is only likely to continue, and more and more leftists may find themselves adrift from the Democratic Party.

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