History Repeating Itself

The Iraqis are already starting to
accuse UN weapons inspectors of being spies. It looks like the Iraqis are starting their old shell games again – lying about weapons production facilities, accusing inspectors of spying, and likely hiding their existing weapons stocks. There is simply no way that the current inspection regime could ever hope to find Saddam’s hidden arsenal in any reasonable amount of time. To do so would take a force that would be tantamount to an invasion force.

It’s clear that Iraq was only interested in allowing inspectors back in as a measure to stall a US attack – and that is a strategy that seems bound to backfire on them.

One thought on “History Repeating Itself

  1. Yes, it will backfire. Let us just hope that the Bush Administration can keep the international fallout at a minimum when we do invade, because we almost certainly will, at this point.

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