2 thoughts on “More French Anti-Semitism

  1. They were at one point. Remember the uprising in Algeria? Another nation that under the oppression of foreign rule descended into radical Islam. Strange but the French people seemed to be on the side of the Algerians too if I remember correctly. They seem to always be on the side of the underdog, regardless of thier tactics. It’s a shame really; neither side deserves any praise for what they’ve done over there.

  2. As a young man crusading to fight anti-French (and anti-Turkish) ignorance and bigotry in this nation, there are some times when you just have to throw up your hands.

    First the book claiming that 9 11 was a hoak sells well in France, now this book does. It really does make one wonder.

    However, as a Parli debater I know that an Italian Egyptian author writing a book published by an Italian corporation does not equal French Anti-Semitism. Logic such as this surely would fly in no extemp round.

    And of course the idea that being pro-Palestinian is anti-semitic is pretty nasty in and of itself.

    One additional matter, concerning Alex Beverage. On Algeria, France liberated Jews in the Mahgreb, and treated them well. That is why most Mahgrebian Jews went to France and not Israel after the Moroccans, Tunisians, and Algerians decided to start being haters. Algeria was a mixed bag in terms of which Frenchmen supported which side. Sartre supported FLN, Le Pen supported the Pieds Noirs, they are both morons at the end of the day (just for different reasons).

    Algeria is a nice little quandry, but we can safely say that it it was a Deparment D’Outre Mer (overseas department, akin to Hawaii’s status in our union) like Martinique, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, or Reunion it would be better off than it is now.

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