2 thoughts on “Obvious Joke Part Deux:

  1. I tend to think that the French are better with planes and trains than space stuff. They invented the Concorde, and the TGV high speed train, both of which were revolutionary. I know the French kick ass, but you can’t expect them to dominate in everything. They are only human after all. Plus the Space thing is so late 1960’s, who cares anymore?

  2. “Plus the Space thing is so late 1960’s, who cares anymore?”

    I, for one, do. First, Clinton axes the X-30 and insists on NASA wasting their budget on the worthless International Space Station… now the Bush administration has given the X-33, X-34, and X-38 all the heave-ho… at this rate, we aren’t going to have a space plane, let alone a Mars mission, any time soon…

    I had been predicting 2015 for a manned Mars mission… looks like I’ll have to write that one off…

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