More Lott In Hot Water

Now President Bush has Trent Lott’s comments "offensive" in a recent speech. Being the object of the direct censure of the President of the United States is a fairly good sign that one’s political career is over. With the increasing number of voices on both sides of the aisle calling for Trent Lott to resign, it’s hard to imagine him staying on much longer. If he does, it will be a major drag on the Republican Party.

In some ways, this purge is a good thing for the GOP. The party is trying to move towards a new and more inclusive future, and deadwood like Lott does not help in that goal. It’s clear that Lott stepped over the line, and his Clintonesque attempts to dodge the issue with a serious of halfbaked apologies are entirely inadequate. Sen. Lott must step down of his own free will for the good of the GOP.

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