Iraqis Want War

A recent survey of public opinion in Iraq finds a groundswell of support for plans to remove Saddam Hussein from power. Then again, don’t expect the anti-war crowd to mention this one any time soon.

While treasonous morons like Sean Penn shake hands with the Butcher of Baghdad, the people of Iraq are counting on us to free them from the tyranny of the Hussein regime. They don’t care if we want their oil or not – they’d probably love to sell it to us regardless – but all they care about is getting rid of the bloodthirsty tyrant who enjoys grinding them under his bootheel.

Hopefully we’ll be able to give them that wish very soon now.

3 thoughts on “Iraqis Want War

  1. If you’re so smart how come you can’t figure out that supposed (but likely) Iraqi displeasure with their dictator doesn’t automatically translate, morally or intellectually, into justification for unprovoked US/Israeli attack itself motivated by something necesarily remote from Iraqi public sentiment?

  2. Because it does not need to. The justifications for war stand on their own, from Saddam’s use of weapons of mass destruction to his support of worldwide terrorism. Even if the Iraqi people were solidly behind Saddam war would still be our last, best option. However, knowing that the Iraqi people are behind our actions does make things a lot easier both logistically and morally.

  3. On this basis: use of “weapons of mass destruction” and ” support of worldwide terrorism”, we could be targeted, so perhaps more care and less blind bellicosity is in order.

    Iraqi displeasure with their tyrant does NOT mean, though you want to make it mean, they would support US actions or the US agenda in the region. And as for the supposed opinion of the Iraqi people supporting US actions morally, please, that’s disgusting. Practically, but not morally. That undeservedly assumes too benign and self-less an intent behind US actions.

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