4 thoughts on “Non-Idiotic Celebrities

  1. So, thinking about and objecting to policies makes one an idiot, but blindly supporting them and dancing around a stage like an idiot makes one non-idiotic?

    Just wanna make sure I got the Reding “logic” figured out.

    Besides, as I see it the USO dolts are appeasing a tyrant – or at least a I’m-gonna-do-all-I-can-to-become-one, wanna-be Tyrant.

    “If this were a dictatorship, it’d be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I’m the dictator.”
    — President G. W. Bush

  2. Thinking about policies,doesn’t make one an idiot,..stopping traffic,ambulances and putting police and fire on overtime does.Watching someone for years,gas people,kill babies,throw acid and “honor” killings on women…thats what you should be protesting…but I guess thats okay for you,and your thoughtful Celebrities…if they really cared,they’ed start working with the Red Cross gathering toys and clothes and medicine for those kids who have none,instead of worrying how much botox they need or how many millions they’ll get for a few months work,or how they can make the talk show circut after they get out of rehab,or if their tits are too small.but hey…what am I talking about….they’re “Artists”…they suffer for their art,by possibly getting ostracized…well boo freaking hoo.They disrespect the Men and Women in uniform everytime they pretend to be one in films Sgt. Ted Holtry US ARMY/Ca. Natl Grd
    (Cartoonist without a Cause)

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