It May Not Be Killing All The Lawyers, But It’s A Start

The WaPo reports on the GOP’s efforts to cap punitive settlements in frivolous lawsuits. Such punitive measures have very little to do with public safety and everything to do with the size of trial lawyers checkbooks. They are a drag on the economy to a major degree, and the effects of such suits don’t just hurt "Big Business" but the average American as well.

Expect the Democrats to raise holy hell about this issue though, painting the Republicans as corporate stooges who care little for the "little guy". The first test of Bill Frist’s leadership should be in deflecting these criticisms by pointing out the damage done to our economy by frivolous lawsuits. Stemming the tide of inceasingly exorbitant settlements and baseless lawsuits is one sure way of keeping the US economy competitive in the world market.

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