Arianna Huffington Supports Terrorism!

So Arianna Huffington says that driving an SUV supports Middle Eastern terrorism.

By that same logic, any activity supports terrorism. Buying food supports terrorism, because it takes gas to ship the food. Flying out to NYC or LA to promote your latest work of political drivel or spread your ignorance on some talk show supports terrorism. In fact, seeing as that Ms. Huffington seems rather well fed and well traveled, we have to assume she’s a major risk to national security.

Have fun over in Gitmo then…

In all seriousness, charges like this just reduce the effectiveness of the argument being made. In fact, it could be argued that without oil money, the Middle East would be worse off. Look at where al-Qaeda takes root – Afghanistan, Sudan, Pakistan – all nations where there are a lot of really poor people who have nothing better to do than serve as cannon fodder for a bunch of Islamist wackos. If you’ve got bread on the table, there’s less incentive to strap on a bomb-belt and take the Explosion Express to your seventy virgins. Then again, such arguments don’t make good sound bites for the Politically Incorrect generation…

3 thoughts on “Arianna Huffington Supports Terrorism!

  1. “Afghanistan, Sudan, Pakistan – all nations where there are a lot of really poor people who have nothing better to do than serve as cannon fodder for a bunch of Islamist wackos”

    And how are those people any different from those in Saudi Arabia? Hell that’s were MOST OF THE GODDAMN TERRORISTS COME FROM.

    Brilliant Jay, truely brilliant.

  2. Oh ya, and since its those shieks from places like Saudi Arabia who are getting rich off the oil they sell us and then using that money to fund their buddies in Afghanistan to go kill infidels, I’d say that being dependent on oil from the mid-east is a dumb thing to be doing.
    Has anyone even looked at ? All they talk about is making more fuel efficient cars. And since SUVs suck at gas mileage, I can’t see why so many people are opposed to making cars with better gas mileage. I know it pisses me off when I realize, oh crap, this thing is putting a hole in my wallet. I don’t know anyone who likes throwing away money, so this all confuses me. If they can make a car that has the same balls as the car I have now but gets 2x to 3x as many miles to the gallon as it does now, then Im all for it.
    The only reason I can see for why islamic terrorists are even targetting us is because we are over there. So if we don’t need as much mid-east oil, then why would we need to be over their with our planes, ships, and guns in large numbers to safeguard our oil supplies? We get ourselves out of that mess and just worry about getting killed by fellow americans.

  3. Arianna Huffington is absolutely right. The wasteful, glutinous, over-kill culture that gas guzzling SUVs represents in America does support terrorism. But you know that, as you don’t really dispute it in your silly little over-simplified statement. You completely missed the point (anyone surprised? not me) Ms. Huffington was trying to make & inadvertantly even made her point for her. The ads are a parody of the Bush campaign’s anti-drug ads. The scare-tactic ads that try to link Average Joe’s smoking a joint to terrorism. That logic is simply B.S. in the context it’s presented. Is it possible some of the money used to by Heroin could get into the hands of terrorists? Maybe. Marijuana? Of course not. That money stays right here in the US (some to Mexico). But there’s NO DOUBT that plenty of oil money ends up in the hands of terrorists. You’re calling Ms. Huffington ignorant? Your statement is ripe with the stench of ignorance. If you’re going to take a stand on something, know the issue, think about it a while until you understand it & then make your stand. Otherwise, you’re just making yourself & the people you stand with look like impulsive morons (which works just fine for me).

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