Fisking On A Global Scale

Matt Welch has an interesting piece in which he argues that
the United States should actively counter the disinformation that’s being spread against it
. It is not a bad idea for the State Department and others to start going on the offensive in regards to the constant stream of deceptions being spread by the worldwide extremist left. When most Europeans think that President Bush is an oil-hungry madman, it’s time to start countering those lies.

Part of the reason that we’re losing the international PR front is that we’re not standing up for ourselves diplomatically. We have to make it clear that the actions we take in regards to the war on terrorism do not just benefit the United States, they benefit the world as a whole. The security gained by American action in Aghanistan and Iraq benefits Europe just as much as it benefits us. Simple facts such as that would help counter the propaganda leveled against us if we would only shoose to use them.

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