More Morford Moronity

Mark Morford, who is rapidly becoming top nominee for San Francisco’s village idiot (which is no mean feat!) has another column packed full of idiocy and invective. Read on for more about how America is evil, SUVs are the tool of the devil, and we all should be ashamed of ourselves.

And they say that the left doesn’t have a sense of humor…

2 thoughts on “More Morford Moronity

  1. He at least made one good point…

    “Which brings us, naturally, right back to the Hummer. The King Kong of SUVs, the biggest, most thuggish, most gluttonous, most utterly useless, cartoonish, silly, ultimately deadly civilian vehicle on the road today.”

  2. Not only that, Jesse Ventura just bought one… 🙂

    Of course, in better fuel economy news, the millitary now has a hybrid Humvee- it has the fuel economy of a midsize sedan, and (get this)… more accelleration than the original Humvee! Who says an efficient vehicle can’t have horsepower?

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