The Anti-War Movement You Don’t See

The Daily Kos goes out on a limb and criticizes anti-war protestors. Now I find myself disagreeing with Kos on quite a few things, but it’s quite refreshing to see that there’s someone against the war who doesn’t feel the need to resort to some ridiculous public spectacle to get their points across. As he says:

I just wish saner, more mainstream heads wrestled control of the movement. Right now it’s too easy to dismiss anti-war protesters and their organizers as far-left kooks. They look the part and act the part. And I don’t want to be associated with that crowd in any way.

If I were on the anti-war side of this issue, I wouldn’t blame him.

One thought on “The Anti-War Movement You Don’t See

  1. It’s been my observation that the overwhelming majority of protesters for ANY cuase don’t have the slightest clue WHY or HOW they should be protesting/dissenting, which leads me to believe that more are therefore protestingfor the sake of protesting than for whatever cuase they believe they’re supporting. Not to mention by the end of the day they’ve usually hurt their cuase more than helped it all the while looking stupid. That’s why I abstain.

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