Americans Like Low Taxes

Zonitics has the results of a poll on what tax rates Americans would find acceptable. To the surprise of some, most Americans think that the government should not take more than 20% of income in taxation.

Currently, the average American family pays 39% of their income in combined federal, state, and local taxes.

It would be one thing if the money was actually being spent on valuable programs. However, the fact remains that our government spends our money with reckless abandon. Billions of dollars simply disappear down the federal rathole never to be seen again.

The Democrats counterargument is usually that federal programs provide all these wonderful benefits to the poor and the downtrodden and anyone who would cut such programs is a heartless bastard.

Except increased federal spending has historically caused more problems than it has helped. In "the war on poverty" it appears as though poverty won. It wasn’t until people like Tommy Thompson started tying welfare to accountability that the welfare programs actually started giving people a chance at a better life.

Then again, by the standards of the Democratic Party, three quarters of the nation are greedy for wanting their taxes lowered. Perhaps this explains why the Democrats keep losing elections.

2 thoughts on “Americans Like Low Taxes

  1. Well as long as corporate america gets away with paying next to none the rest of us will have to continue picking up the slack.

    Additionally we could eliminate tenure and raise wages for governement employees which should arguably increase effeciency and productivity dramatically. Given the current administration that will probably be a lot easier to do.

    Hell 20% or less for most Americans is easily possible without slashing government programs.

    Just a few ideas, feel free to devestate them at your discretion. 🙂

  2. Government employees don’t “produce” anything, so no matter what you do, it is impossible to increace their productivity. All you can do is increase their cost, which our government is amazingly expert at doing.

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