Saddam Is ‘Optimistic’

A former member of the British cabinet has been sucking up to the Hussein regime and has reported that Saddam is "optimistic" about his chances of avoiding war.

Former UK MP Tony Benn flew to Baghdad where he met with Saddam Hussein and was not shown the sites where Iraqi political prisoners are tortured, the sites where chemical weapons are stored, or the actions of Iraqi’s professional rapists.

Before he left on the trip, he said: "All my good friends are telling me I’ll be ripped apart and called a stooge of the Iraqis, but I would never forgive myself for not trying to bring back something that could stop this war."

You should listen to your good friends. You’re not just a stooge for the Iraqis, you’re also a willing tool of one of the most genocidal regimes on the planet. Hope you slept well while Iraqi women were being raped and political prisoners were being tortured.

Oh, and as for Saddam – I’m optimistic that you’ll be being raped and tortured by demons in one of the deepest pits of Hell before too long…

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