Dave Matthews Earns Himself A Fisking

Dave Matthews, the music of choice for college freshman (who quickly outgrow him…) feels the need to opine about Iraq. With most celebrities, his comments display a breathtaking ignorance worth of a few whacks on the head from the Clue Bat. So, without further ado, let the Fisking begin!

I hope this letter finds you all well and that in these uncertain times you find moments to be joyful.

I hope you have something even remotely intelligent to say.

I want to speak my mind about this war with Iraq, or I will choke on my conscience.

Guess not. (Actual meaning of above statement: I want some free publicity.)

What is the motivation? Regime change? Shouldn’t that be up to the people of the region and the people of Iraq? The only real threat from Saddam Hussein is to his neighbors and none of them support a U.S. invasion. Is it to stabilize the Middle-East? Wouldn’t it only do the opposite by causing further death and suffering in a country that has had more than its share?

Yes, because all the Iraqi people have to do is vote Saddam Hussein out of office. Oh, wait, the election monitors have AK-47s and know where your family lives. So much for that vibrant Iraqi democracy.

Luckily, Saddam Hussein is no threat to us, other than being a madman in pursuit of a nuclear weapon. It’s not like he could mail some anthrax to Washington D.C. or anything. And he’d certainly never even think of invading any of his neighbors, nah, he’d never do anything like that!

Is it to weaken Al Qaeda? Saddam Hussein is a genocidal maniac but he is not Al Qaeda. He is certainly more visible though. Is he our target because he is easier to identify than the illusive terrorist network? Surely it is more likely that an attack on Iraq would only strengthen Al Qaeda by feeding Anti-American sentiment. Putting out the fire with gasoline, so to speak. It is certainly not to liberate the people of Iraq who suffer under Hussein’s rule, unless we call killing hundreds of thousands of Iraqis liberation.

Sure, it’s not like Saddam Hussein doesn’t fund terrorism from Hamas and Hezbollah. But then again, Dave Matthew’s years of foreign policy experience reminds us that the only terrorist group that possibly could threaten the US or her allies is al-Qaeda.

"Surely it is more likely that an attack on (Afghanistan/Iraq) would only strengthen Al Qaeda by feeding Anti-American sentiment. Putting out the fire with gasoline, so to speak. It is certainly not to liberate the people of (Afghanistan/Iraq) who suffer under (Mullah Omar’s/Hussein’s) rule, unless we call killing hundreds of thousands of (Afghanis/Iraqis) liberation."

Hmmm… where have I heard those arguments before? Remember how invading Afghanistan would lead to thousands of dead Afghanis and a wave of terrorism that would make September 11 look like a cakewalk? Instead, we quickly saw all the pro-bin Laden protests in Pakistan dwindle and a grateful Afghani people welcome the Americans as liberators.

Oh, it never happened. It was a bullshit argument than, and it hasn’t gotten any pretty or any more accurate since. Then again, to people like Dave Matthews, all those funny brown-skinned people like to live in totalitarian hellholes and hate the idea of having things like personal freedom and enough food to feed their families. Why, if we liberate these people they’ll hate us just like the Japanese did after World War II!

Saddam Hussein is a barbaric murderous dictator. I wish the world were free of him. But the answer is not to bomb this great culture of Iraq out of existence to stop him. Why must the children of Iraq die by the thousands to stop a tyrant? It is not justice. And if we kill him what will we achieve? We will have taken the most unpopular leader in the Middle East and turned him into the greatest martyr radical Islam has ever had. The U.N. weapons inspectors must be allowed to do their job thoroughly and any military action should be internationally agreed upon. We must not allow our government to turn us into a rogue nation.

Saddam Hussein?! Barbaric?! Murderous?! Really?! You’re shittin’ me, right?!

Oh yeah, and by necessity we’d have to "bomb Iraq out of existence" in order to remove him. We couldn’t just remove his military capability using precision weapons. Nope, we’d have to wipe every single Iraqi off the face of the planet. It’s not like by removing Saddam Hussein we could actually lift the sanctions and see to it that the Iraqi people don’t starve to death. Just look at all the millions of dead Afghans who died in that "silent genocide" last year. At least that’s what Noam Chomsky says, and he’s a smart guy, right?

And we certainly wouldn’t want to create any more martyrs for radical Islam. Much better to have live dictators who can continue to kill their people and develop ever more powerful weapons of mass destruction. Instead, we should let that Hans Mueslix guy continue to poke around the country just so we don’t piss off the French. Because man, those French really matter in today’s world, and we sure wouldn’t want to act all unicellular, dude.

I fear that our true motivation is about oil and our own flailing economy; about the failure to destroy Al Qaeda and about revenge. It is criminal to put our servicemen and women in harm’s way and to put the lives of so many civilians on the line for the misguided frustrations of the Bush administration.

Yes, the only motivations for Iraq is so that Bush can look good and make people ignore the economy. (Never mind the fact that the economy would likely do better if we backed off Iraq.) It’s all about oil, man. There just aren’t any other arguments for why invading Iraq is such a good idea.

Bottom line: this war is wrong and this war is un-American.

Bottom line: I’m ignorant, but I want to sound socially conscious and my record label PR dude said that going against Iraq would be a totally brave thing to do.

Peacefully submitted,
Dave Matthews

Viciously refuted,
Jay Reding

ADDENDUM: It looks like this post has gotten the attention of a number of DMB fans. I’ll admit that Mr. Matthews may be making this stand based strictly on matters of his own conscience rather than a desire for publicity. However, that does not mean that his arguments are accurate or sound. Mr. Matthews is still arguing points that are based on a fundamentally flawed set of assumptions. For those who are interested in what the real case for invading Iraq is all about, I strongly urge reading Kenneth Pollack’s book on the subject. (The Amazon link is above.)

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  1. jay you are one sarcastic ultra war hawk. i argee with dave on most of these issues but at the same time feel that war is unavoidable and if we do not go in now we will have to act sometime down the road after we are hit first. the main reason why i wrote this was your totally unresearched comment:
    “Then again, to people like Dave Matthews, all those funny brown-skinned people like to live in totalitarian hellholes and hate the idea of having things like personal freedom and enough food to feed their families.”
    If you had bothered to find out anything about dave matthews you would know he was born and spent a good deal of his youth and formative years in south africa. hmmmm he would know nothing about oppression being from south africa. now how about that sarcasm you ass-clown.

    gregory seher

  2. First of all I would like to see the long list of degrees that Jay Reding holds. We are talking current affairs here, not something taiught to you in History at College. If we had learned anything from history classes it would be that history repeats itself, therefore we would have prevented this whole ordeal all together. Dave Matthews is a man who simply offers his opinion in a confusing time. I think that his viewpoint is much more realistic and inclouded, and closer to the general American viewpoint, than that of many people in suits sitting around analyzing things, decided what to say on CNN and what to keep to political stategy, and re-election worries. Before you insult a man like dave matthews for having the guts to say what he feels, perhaps you should stop thinking like a scholar and let your heart feel something for once, and you might see Dave is right on the money for saying what most of us are thinking, Or atleast i am thinking. I dont need a degree in history to realize that George Bush all of a sudden has changed his focus to Saddam, and that Political Economy is always a national worry, he is proposing ideas to give money back to the people to boost, it its obviously on his mind. All i know is i live in New York City, many people i know and loved died on 9-11, and yet nothing seems to have been done relatiing to that. However, dave writes music and speaks his mind. An admirable quality these days. My point, leave him alone, and think about it for a while. He has a point!

  3. It is so easy to feel a number of different emotions about this topic, but what we need to remember is that none of us are ever fully in the right or wrong. I don’t want war or death either, but I honestly don’t see other alternatives working. I am a huge Dave Matthews fan and although I disagree with him on this subject, I continue to admire the way he tries to remind us of how the world could be peaceful and good. He doesn’t need attention or publicity, his talent can garnish as much of those things as he could want. His music reflects his attitude to many of his fans and his attitude is one of good-will and harmony. In times of conflict we need people we admire to remind us of those things.


  4. Thanks Mitch. Well said. Dave is simply trying to share with others his vision of peaceful resolution to a dreary, hectic, bloody conflict that’s lasted ages. It may be dreaming, but it’s a start.

    War / The only way to peace? / I don’t fall for that – DJM

  5. You column is quite funny and quite sarcastic Jay. You truly do have a career in comedy. However you career in foreign affairs I’m afraid to say will be short lived. You do not understand the ramifications that a war with Iraq would bring. Look at the division happening today in NATO between our staunchest allies who I’m sure you believe to be just fair weathered friends who quiver at the sound of American military mite. The fact is that this war is not going to stabilize the region we know as the middle east but rather destabilize. You don’t understand internal conflicts that plague Iraq and the region and the conflicts would not die but only explode in this great new Iraq. Kurds, Sunnies, and Shi’ites might only be words that you don’t understand while watching Connie Chung every night, but in the real world they are people who are not very fond of each other and all live in the country we know as Iraq. I could go on forever but try reading a book on foreign affairs. Try doing something to educate yourself rather than just acting like a third grader making sarcastic remarks about someone speaking their mind.

  6. It’s nice to see the fact that we pump more money into war and military equipment than we do into the flailing economy. Nice priorities. Also, why is it OK for us to have nuclear weapons? Whose to say we won’t misuse then. Maybe people would be more inclined to strive for peace if we actually set a good example and begin to disarm ourselves. But nope, we’re the USA. We can do whatever the hell we wan’t can’t we? Good for you Dave. Its good to see someone who actually has values.

  7. Jay, are you going to participate in the war? By that I mean are you going to fight in Iraq? I really don’t think so. Therefor you should stop preaching for war when you are not even going to fight. You are not going to lose your life, it is the “college freshman (who quickly outgrow Dave Matthews)” They are the men and women who have to be sent away from their families to fight.
    P.S. Dave Matthews is a lot more intelligent than you

  8. Dave should just stick to makin music, but he does have the right to speak out. But don’t worry, the few conservative DMB fans are sticking up for the cause on the boards. Hopefully Saddam will be gone for good in a couple weeks.

  9. An attack on Iraq is unjustice. Perhaps Saddam has weapons of mass destruction, so does India and the United States to name just to name a few countries. War is not just a game of numbers, it deals with taking life away from children, women, and men. Innocent people much like ourselves will die. The United States should spend less money on defense and more money on social programs such as health care. Dave Matthews is correct, the war is unjust, even the Pope states the the war cannot be deemd a “just war”. Rather than policing the world, the States improve upon themselves. Stop capitol punishment, stop supporting forgein wars, get some gun control laws in place……clean yourself up before you attempt to tackle the world.

  10. While most popular musicians are scorned and ridiculed for speaking out on political matters it should be noted that Matthews is a peaceful Quaker who was raised in strife-ridden South Africa who has long spoken out (through music and prose) for peace and harmony. Matthews should be commended for using his place as a popular figure to make the world a better place. For as he has reached the highest points of popularity, he never compromised his values and his art. A true musical artist’s function is to show us our world as processed through their insight. Why should that be criticized as “speaking out of turn”? (Could you imagine what would happen if clever conservative “artists” didn’t speak out on politics — Ronald Reagan and Charlton Heston would just go down in history as second-rate actors instead of mentally unstable ultra-conservative wing-nuts).

    Now, getting to your clever little “fisking” of Dave’s statement. Congratulations! You have proven just how brain-washed you are by the mass media and further proven exactly what is wrong with this country. But you are entitled to your opinion, as am I, as is Mr. Matthews. That’s the beauty of things, isn’t it? It’s all a matter of opnion…

  11. this is the most unintelligent thing i have heard. if you listen and read into the news we plan on massive air strikes on baghdad which will lead to the loss of several thousand civilian lives. people that think the way you do will run this country into the ground if you are ever in power because you think that american soldiers lives are not worth anything and are willing to go to war without discussing other options. this truely makes me sick that in todays world where we think that so many of us are enlightened that some people are too blind to see the truth that is hitting them in the face but instead they hide behind political affiliations and say “its for the best of our country, so lets just follow what the leading party says”. thats not what the founding fathers had in mind when they created this great country…

    sorry if this offends you but what is right is right and this war is not.

  12. Jay I stumbled onto your website and found your article on Dave Matthews. I cannot believe that instead of you actually listening to Dave’s points (I dont ask you to agree but just listen), you have chosen the path of ignorance and childlike name calling. I am disapointed in your immature train of thought, your reluctancy to listen to ideas that doesn’t agree with yours, and your willingness to solve every problem in the world by fighting. Ignorance breeds hate and thats not the kind of world I want to live in.

  13. humm…Perhaps if Mr. Reding did his homework he would know that Mr. Matthews is much better versed in the issue of tyranical governments than himself. Wake up call Mr. Reding. David Matthews grew up in Apartheid torn South Africa where everyday was a fight for freedom against a vicious and unfair government guilty of many of the same things that Iraq’s is. In case Mr. Reding in his infinite ignorance failed to learn this in all his foreign policy work, South Africa ended Apartheid & gave blacks the vote based on peaceful revolution from within the country. A peaceful revolution which Mr. Matthews took part in for many years. Do not assume to know all, especially if you aren’t willing to put in the work on the research. Considering all the effort you put into your rebuttal of Mr. Matthews letter, I would not be surprised to find yourself equally ignorant of the actual situation in Iraq.
    Also, Mr. Reding to call you out on your lack of knowledge again, as the highest grossing act of the past year with a number one album, I am pretty sure Mr. Matthews & company do not need the “Free publicity” you alluded to in your response. Also, it is not a very response worthy letter in the minds of Dave Matthews’ fans, because all of them know Mr. Matthews as a staunch pacifist. Therefore the only publicity to be garnered is from people like you whom where not already aware of his consistent political views.
    A college senior who has not outgrown Mr. Matthews or the concept of peace & one of the few citizens of this fine country that actually vote

  14. O.k., I read what Dave wrote last night and I can’t stop thinking about it. First of all, I am a huge Dave fan, I mean big. His music is personally the best ever, and I couldn’t imagine anyone who could top it ever. But Dave is my idol, but I do disagree with what he wrote. It is a big step for him to speak politically on his website, but he is wrong in my opinion. Bush made it clear the day after we were hit, that he would fight terrorism and demolish it. Everyone in the U.S. felt that, and I didn’t know someone who wasn’t on his side. And now since he is following through with his words..people are now saying he is a maniac and has a misguided administration? SH is a terrorist if you like it or not. George W. Bush is the greatest President that we have ever had in my 22 years of living. A hell of a lot smarter and a hell of a lot better pres than Clinton. If this happened to Clinton while he was President, our economy would be f***ed, imagine just becoming President and have all of this on your shoulder’s? Just think if we didn’t do anything about SH now, 10 days or 5 years from now, SH will do something against the United States, but much bigger that the 9-11 tragedy. He must be taken out of power, and we are the superior country, we can do it. You have to remember, before any of the men and women signed up…. they knew what they were getting into. This will be a quick war, and we will win. Peace is always the greater answer, and I know that, trust me, I would love than anything for us not to go to war. This is much more than what everyone thinks. SH must be taken out. Sorry Dave, and sorry to the people that are under SH command. Life will be better after this is all over.

    Ryan Renner

  15. well jay, what do you have to say for yourself now, seeing as a bunch of college students (who have not outgrown Dave Matthews Band in the least- look at the sales) just shot down every one of your arguments? not only that, but they even had concrete facts to back their agruments up! looks like you should take english 101 again and learn how to write a good research paper. and while you’re at it, pick up a dave CD (he reallllly needs a comeback).

  16. I also, am a big DMB fan. however, i would also like to say, that nobody is wrong here. it is impossible to be wrong when there is no fact in the subect, entirely opinion. i do, disagree with dave, however, i do see where he is coming from. first of all, to all those that have been blinded with the statements of this war being about terrorism, you couldn’t be more wrong. it is ALL about the oil. bottom line. honestly people, there has been brutal dictators in many other countries, for instance Africa, but did America raise such a fuss about it, nope. Why you ask? one reason, we aren’t interested in sand, if it won’t benefit us, then we don’t care. the inevitable war with Iraq is not, and will never be about liberating its citizens, that just sounds morally correct, and the government will get more backing by saying that. however, i do think war may be necessary, because even though it will meet our greedy needs, it will also liberate the poor people of Iraq along the way. also, don’t think for one minute that eliminating Saddam will solve everything. the heirs to the thrown, so to speak, want him dead just as much as the rest of the world. they are all thirsty for power, and would be just as corrupt. power corrupts, absolute power, corrupts absolutely. the horrible crimes commited against these people should be eliminated, and we will have to eliminate the Iraqi “government” in order to do so. i am sorry to say that in this horrible case, war is the only way to peace.


  17. I suppose the easiest thing to do would be to take your words one step at a time, and then poke fun and sarcasm at them whenever I deem necessary in order to appear intelligent. I see this is what you have done, and without even a shred of research on the topic. That is very brave, Jay. Unfortunately for you, a brave idiot is still an idiot. I will not be so brave, and will try to stick to the things I know. The first thing being the common sense to look at who I am speaking of before I begin my rant. Now, looking at your tirade, I see that you are an angry conservative, with no real mind of your own. But your father was a conservative, and rich, so here you are, using his money and your pen to spread his unoriginal thinking. Now, let’s take a look at what you have written.
    “Dave Matthews, the music of choice for college freshman (who quickly outgrow him…) feels the need to opine about Iraq. With most celebrities, his comments display a breathtaking ignorance worth of a few whacks on the head from the Clue Bat. So, without further ado, let the Fisking begin!”
    Don’t make fun of Dave Matthews’ music. He has more fans, and more devoted fans, than just about anybody alive today. I think that says something about his popularity, and your ignorance. I won’t even go into how incorrect the statement about his ignorance is. Look it up.
    “Guess not. (Actual meaning of above statement: I want some free publicity.}”
    See my above statement about his popularity. Dave has never and will never seek free publicity.
    “But then again, Dave Matthew’s years of foreign policy experience reminds us that the only terrorist group that possibly could threaten the US or her allies is al-Qaeda.”
    It is not our place to snuff out everyone who could possibly be a threat to us. There will always be disagreements, and our nation was founded in the idea that being weaker does not make you wrong.
    “to people like Dave Matthews, all those funny brown-skinned people like to live in totalitarian hellholes and hate the idea of having things like personal freedom and enough food to feed their families.”
    Why did you go here? Dave has seen more (South Africa for example) in his life than you will ever see or even imagine about the forfeiture of personal freedoms, and even lives.
    “We couldn’t just remove his military capability using precision weapons.”
    No, we couldn’t. We kill civilians when we try that. ‘Oops, we hit a hospital!’ type stuff.
    “Bottom line: I’m ignorant, but I want to sound socially conscious and my record label PR dude said that going against Iraq would be a totally brave thing to do.”
    Funny, I was going to say the same kind of thing about you, just the other way around.
    “Viciously refuted,
    Jay Reding”
    Viciously refuted, but not effectively or convincingly. You sounded like, well, an idiot; a brave(or just hardheaded?) idiot.

  18. Shawn: Very well, I’ll bite.

    Don’t make fun of Dave Matthews’ music. He has more fans, and more devoted fans, than just about anybody alive today. I think that says something about his popularity, and your ignorance. I won’t even go into how incorrect the statement about his ignorance is. Look it up.

    I’ll grant that he’s a good musician. Personally, I’m not a large fan, but that’s a matter of taste. However, musical popularity has nothing to do with intelligence or knowledge of current events.

    See my above statement about his popularity. Dave has never and will never seek free publicity.

    On this, I will be willing to give Mr. Matthews the benefit of the doubt. I’ll grant he could be doing this strictly as a matter of conscience (and you’ve given me reason to believe this is so). However, that does not make his statements any more factually correct.

    It is not our place to snuff out everyone who could possibly be a threat to us. There will always be disagreements, and our nation was founded in the idea that being weaker does not make you wrong.

    We can’t possibly ‘snuff out’ everyone who disagrees with us, however, our government has the obligation to protect its citizens from such clear and present harm as Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. Even if we assume that Saddam Hussein could or would not strike the US (an assumption I am not willing to bet my life on), history has shown that Hussein is a threat to his neighbors and by doing so could essentially hold the world in blackmail with nuclear weapons. The point is not that Saddam Hussein disagrees with us, the point is that Saddam Hussein wants every American dead – and that undoubtedly includes Dave Matthews.

    Why did you go here? Dave has seen more (South Africa for example) in his life than you will ever see or even imagine about the forfeiture of personal freedoms, and even lives.

    Then I would imagine he would realize that the Iraqi people have every right to be liberated from their totalitarian regime.

    No, we couldn’t. We kill civilians when we try that. ‘Oops, we hit a hospital!’ type stuff.

    Yes, civilians will get caught in the crossfire. However, unlike Iraq, our goal is not to kill as many civilians as possible.

    Viciously refuted, but not effectively or convincingly. You sounded like, well, an idiot; a brave(or just hardheaded?) idiot.

    Strange that such an ineffective and unconvincing argument has yet to be logically knocked down – although anyone interesting is welcome to try.

  19. I am a huge DMB fan, and have been for several years, but I’m also an Army ROTC cadet and a supporter of President Bush. After reading Dave’s statements the other night, I was infuriated by the ignorance and short sidedness he displayed. I’ve always thought that he was out of touch with reality, but this was not only stupid, but it was wrong. “Bottom line: this war is wrong and this war is un-American.” I urge you to think about the consequences his words have on the morale of American troops. He has just told millions of people that he doesn’t support an action that our brothers and sisters in arms will die for. The military needs the support of the American people, regardless of how public opinion feels about the war, for they are the sons and daughters of America. We only need to look at the after effects of Vietnam Veterans to reallize what this does when they are disowned. When you tell us what we die for is wrong, immoral and un-American, it is like disowning your own children. Each day at my school ROTC cadets are being harrased by protesters because they wear the uniform of the United States Army. A cadet at my school was spit on just this past week by someone who dissagreed with the war. We take an oath, when we join the military to swear and uphold the constitution, and many people in our own country hate us for doing so. American sailors, airmen, marines, and soldiers are going to die. How dare he claim that they will die in vain. Also, I am incensed that people are claiming this is a war against the Iraqi people. This is a war against Saddam Houssein and his oppressive regime. No amount of peace signs and false acusations will change that. The military has no intentions of bombing and killing innocent civilians, and I resent and dispute the notion that we will kill thousands of innocent children to remove a tyrant. It is not a valid argument, it’s just a bold face lie. While yes, some innocent civilians will die from errand bombs, and it is a tragedy that will occur, they are accidents, nothing more and nothing less. How many children have already died under Saddam’s regime? I sincerely doubt most of you, including Dave, have seen the effects of what chemical weapons do to a human being, but it is an appauling and horrible way to die. In the 1980s Saddam used VX nerve agent to quell rebellions in the Kurdish populations of Iraq. Hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians were DELIBERATELY MURDERED. The man is a war criminal and he must be brought to justice. I don’t see any logic to the argument that it is better to avoid war and risk future attack than to remove this terrorist from power. Iraq has systematically hid its weapons from inspectors, and what you are asking the inspectors to do is impossible. You want them to find every single chemical and biological warhead in which there are thousands of, in a state the size of California. The inspectors are not there to be on a easter egg hunt for thousands upon thousands of deadly weapons. They are there so that Saddam Houssein has the opportunity to prove to the world he has dissarmed. He isn’t doing that. He’s playing his usual games, distracting the world so that public opinion can change in his favor. Are you blind? Can’t you see what he’s doing? We can no longer afford to give into his schemes and his deception, it is time to act. This isn’t about the economy, and this isn’t about oil. The hardest decision anyone could ever have to make is the decision to give the order to put our servicemen and women in harms way. President Bush isn’t going to put my life or the lives of my countrymen in danger to save ten cents on a gallon of gas. He is doing it so that we can all live in a more peaceful world. War is a horrible and freightening prospect, but it’s sometimes the only option. Diplomacy can only take you so far, and negotiating with Saddam Houssein is futile. I hate the term war-hawk. The people in the military are the last ones who want to go to war, for we are the ones who put our lives in danger when the bullets begin to fly. But we know it is neccessary for the safety of the United States and the safety of the free world for us to complete our mission. We cannot stand by and watch. He’s had his chance to change. It is up to us to act. We cannot let cowards stand in the path of lions.



  21. Mr. Reding,
    If you knew anything about Mr. Matthews, you would know that your statements have no basis. He is not an ignorant pop star who has his lyrics written for him, and his opinions formulated by an agent. If you look at any of the projects that Dave has involved himself in you will see that he has a history of political activism, and considers himself a man with a social conscience. Just because you do not agree with his rhetoric does not make him an ignorant celebrity. If you were hoping to bolster support for your cause I believe sir, that you have lost it by mocking the opposite view, and looking somewhat like a jerk. Any credibility you would have had with me, and countless others I am sure, has been lost because you resorted to petty name calling. Also, you should know that Dave’s views are highly influenced by his years in South Africa as a child, where he did learn a thing or two about injustice, and oppression. Please, get the facts before you decide to go on a tirade. Otherwise, you just look foolish.
    “Is War
    The only way to Peace?
    I don’t fall for that”
    -Dave Matthews “The Last Stop”

  22. Well another rambling Dave Matthew’s attempt to sound educated… I am one of the biggest Fans of the Dave Matthews Band i have been to 20+ shows and buy all their music and the only thing i regret is that my money is funding Dave’s silly environmentist wacko “causes” see: onesweetwhirled. And the ability for him to donate to crazy left-wing political groups. His statement: Don’t take this serious folks, not a shred of fact or truth, it doesn’t even make much sense? Did Dave wake up and just start writing, did he watch the State of the Union Address? See Colin Powell’s Speech to the U.N., turn on any of the sunday news shows the past few months? Its obvious he’s in a dream world. Wake up Dave and read some newspapers and watch some news..chezz.. I’m in freakin College and still have time to understand what is going on.. Its really not that hard, Iraq has only been doing the same damn thing for 12 years! After the short war Iraq will be free his weapons will be destroyed and the world will be a much safer and peaceful place. So all you anti-war folks can forget about everything you say now and wait for the next opportunity to embarrass yourself’s in front of the nation. Have some self-respect don’t act so stupid, I mean if you had a single GOOD argument with FACTS then someone might listen to you. But “Give peace a CHance” is just old and tired… “War for Oil” how original. “Make Love not War” even better. Alright thats about it, just relax people Bush knows what is right and guess what? He’ll do the right thing. Smile, sit back and be prepared to eat crow DAVE.


    I don’t understand where Dave is getting this stuff from but considering he’s from the same land as the great U.N. secretary General Kofi Annan who as i might remind you all called america the “greatest evil of the century ” it makes me sick esp. when evil G.W. Bush invites him to the ova office – http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2002/11/20021113-10.html
    G.W. (“And so, Mr. Secretary General, I’m honored that you’re here at the Oval Office. I’m proud to call you friend, and welcome. “)

    Dave stick to the music your good at it.. leave world affairs to those who know the facts…

  23. Quite frankly, I don’t get why everybody thinks Dave is so wrong, when in fact,he hit the nail on the head. Just because this man has a social conscience and is using his celebrity to bring awareness to important causes such as the environment doesn’t mean that you have to bash him–you can’t name five celebrities today who are using their position for a worthwile cause. Plain and simple, this war is about two things: oil and “unfinished business.”
    Oil is the only reason why we care about the Middle East–if we had put a whole lot of resources into making alternative energy sources available to the common public, we wouldn’t give a rat’s behind about the Middle East. And secondly, Bush just wants to get rid of Saddam simply because the media has created this idea that the objective of Desert Storm was to get Saddam out, when it was just to get the Iraqis the heck out of Kuwait. The American people think that we didn’t get anything done in Desert Storm because we didn’t oust Saddam, and now we want to feel like we’re getting something done when there are way bigger problems out there: North Korea and bin Laden to name a few. We’re nitpicking for any reason to get ourselves the green light to invade, but where’s all of this “substantial proof” of these weapons that Bush keeps talking about? I certainly haven’t seen any, the world hasn’t seen any, the Weapons Inspectors haven’t seen any, and that’s why many intelligent people like Mr. Matthews feel the need not to just jump headfirst into this war. Show me the proof.

  24. I have a few more points that can be made here. First of all, to the college guy who watches the news: You watch what the President and his administration are saying. How could you expect to see a good shot of both sides of the coin, especially when the media is all right-wing, and supporting the right-wing administration. To the serviceman, my children will not enlist for this reason. All these troops going overseas have enlisted knowing full well what the risks were. If I think they are fools for going, I have a right to say that, and I will let them know that they will be murdering civilians while they are there. We are sacrificing the lives of our children, and the children of Iraq for a war that may never have to take place. On top of that, we come out and say that we will go against the will of the UN if they decide not to attack Iraq. This is not only arrogance on Bush’s part, but it also shows just how little we care for the concerns of the rest of the world. You people need to see that the lines of good and evil are not so clear as President Earp would like us to believe. As much as we would like to think of ourselves as the conscience of the world, we(the US, not the servicemen) are no heroes. It is not our place to attack Iraq at this point. The inspections had hardly begun when Bush made his decision. The UN was created to handle situations like these. If the US does not respect the UN’s policy now, then the UN has every right to not respect US policy down the road. We are being the schoolyard bully, and there is nothing the other children can do to stop us from beating up the bad kid in class. But if this type of decision-making continues, one day the other kids will stand together and tell the bully it ends now. Believe me, I like my life in America, there is none better, but I fear that one day we will go too far, and we will pay for it. That day might not be too far off, and I’ll tell you what: I won’t stick around to see what happens. Iraq is a minute threat compared to the combined enemies we could be making as we speak.

    “He who joyfully marches to music in rank and file has already earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would suffice. This disgrace to civilisation should be done away with at once. Heroism at command, senseless brutality, deplorable love-of-country stance, how violently I hate all this, how despicable and ignoble war is; I would rather be torn to shreds than be part of so base an action! It is my conviction that killing under the cloak of war is nothing but an act of murder.” -Albert Einstein

  25. Bush, environmentalists at odds on fuel cell plan

    Friday, February 07, 2003
    By Randall Mikkelsen, Reuters

    WASHINGTON — President Bush said Thursday his $1.2 billion proposal to spur development of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles would cut pollution and enhance security, but the plan has left environmentalists steaming.
    “If you’re interested in our environment and if you’re interested in doing what’s right for the American people, if you’re tired of the same old endless struggles that seem to produce nothing but noise and high bills, let us promote hydrogen fuel cells as a way to advance into the 21st century,” Bush said at the National Building Museum in Washington.

    At the museum, Bush toured exhibits of fuel cell technology — pointing a hydrogen-powered television camera at reporters, making a phone call on a fuel-cell mobile phone, and inspecting a lineup of fuel-cell vehicles.

    Outside, a small group of demonstrators carried signs protesting his energy policies and handed out leaflets denouncing the fuel cell proposal as a “dirty energy plan” because part of the plan would seek ways to produce hydrogen using coal and nuclear power.

    “The whole thing’s a fraud,” said Dan Becker, head of the Sierra Club global warming and energy program. “He’s going to try to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by creating hydrogen out of coal, nuclear, and gasoline.”

    He said the plan obscured Bush’s failure to seek stronger fuel-efficiency standards for today’s cars and trucks, which would provide quicker energy savings.

    Democrats gearing up to seek the 2004 presidential nomination also took shots at the plan, which could give Bush an environmental plank for his reelection campaign.

    Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts called the plan a “smokescreen on energy security,” and Sen. Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut said it was “nothing more than an exhaust pipe dream.”

    Bush unveiled his hydrogen fuel initiative last week in his State of the Union speech, proposing $1.2 billion overall and new spending of $720 million over five years to develop technology and infrastructure to produce, store, and distribute hydrogen for use in fuel cells and electricity generation.

    A separate program previously launched to develop fuel cell vehicles raises the five-year spending total to $1.7 billion.

    Fuel cells produce electricity from oxygen and hydrogen. The hydrogen to power them can be obtained from water, natural gas, coal, or other resources, and the fuel cells emit only water as a byproduct.

    White House spokeswoman Claire Buchan said the research on using coal to produce hydrogen would seek ways to make it “cleanly.”

    A White House fact sheet said the proposal would lead to cost-effective fuel-cell vehicles by 2020.

    “I don’t know if you and I are going to be driving one of these cars, but our grandkids will,” Bush said.

    He said fuel-cell cars would not only cut air pollution, they would reduce U.S. dependence on imported oil, enhancing the country’s economic security. “If we develop hydrogen power to its full potential, we can reduce our demand for oil by over 11 million barrels per day by the year 2040,” he said.

    The United States currently uses about 20 million barrels daily, half of which is imported.

    Becker said he was skeptical Bush’s initiative would lead manufacturers to offer significant numbers of fuel cell vehicles because it does not require them to do so. An earlier program to promote gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles has so far failed to yield any production vehicles by U.S. car makers who took part, he said.

    Source: Reuters

  26. ACEEE Lauds Hydrogen Goal, but Calls for Action Today

    From American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy
    Monday, February 10, 2003 12:00:00 AM

    The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) applauds the President’s call for accelerating the deployment of hydrogen-powered vehicles in the United States. Hydrogen-powered vehicles could mitigate major environmental, economic, and political problems we now face as a result of our over-reliance on fossil fuels. “However, oil dependence and price volatility, as well as rising greenhouse gas production, are critical problems today, and we have tools to begin addressing them today,” stated Therese Langer, ACEEE’s Transportation Program Director. “We cannot afford for a single year to slack off on efforts to curb our appetite for energy, and in particular for oil.” Nor can the United States afford to put all its “eggs” in the hydrogen “basket”; we need to pursue a mix of technologies and policies.

    “Regardless of what mix of energy sources we use, energy efficiency remains key to achieving a sustainable energy future,” said Bill Prindle, ACEEE’s Deputy Director. “Without moderation in energy demand, any energy supply system will be unsustainable because it will have to compete too hard for capital, land, materials, and other scarce resources.”

    In the transportation sector, mass-produced hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are a tantalizing vision that may well materialize. But best current estimates place an affordable fuel cell car or truck at least fifteen years away. In the meantime, technical challenges presented by fuel cells (for example, longevity, price, response to fuel impurities, and operating temperatures), on-board fuel storage and reforming issues, and — most importantly — lack of an infrastructure to deliver hydrogen (or another non-fossil fuel from which to generate hydrogen) pose enormous obstacles. These obstacles are not insurmountable, but getting over them will require plenty of time, as well as money.

    Once fuel cell vehicles have entered the market in earnest, it will take an additional decade for them to replace the vehicles on the road. And that’s assuming they’ll outperform the competition, which is not a safe bet. Taking into account the likeliest paths to hydrogen production, some of which involve continued reliance on fossil fuels, fuel cell vehicles may not offer any significant advantage (in terms of global warming or air pollution) over advanced hybrid-electric vehicles.

    “By all means,” added Langer, “let’s invest in research and development to accelerate the advance of hydrogen fuel vehicles, as part of a portfolio of technologies to cut down on fossil fuel use in the longer term. But our energy problems can’t wait — and they don’t have to. There are many strategies we can pursue starting this year.” Strategies include incentives for purchasing efficient vehicles, higher fuel economy standards to ensure that those vehicles are available, and policies to encourage people to drive less. Investing in new technologies for tomorrow should not deter us from applying the tools we have today to increase our energy security, protect the environment, and keep our economy strong.

    For more information, contact:
    Therese Langer
    Transportation Program Director
    American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy

    Web site:

  27. NARRATOR: If chemicals had killed large numbers of Marines, the Pentagon had plans to flood Baghdad under six feet of water.

    Gen. COLIN POWELL: Knocking off the dams on the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers would have caused enormous destruction downstream. The loss of civilian life would have_ would have been terrible and we really had not thoroughly analyzed_ we knew how to hit the dams, but I don’t know if we analyzed what the effect downstream would have been. But nevertheless, it would have been a good one to threaten the Iraqis with.

    And, of course, there was always the implicit threat of nuclear weapons. I don’t think we ever would have used them, but nevertheless, the Iraqis didn’t know that. And we could have if the provocation was serious enough.

    You can’t say that the U.S. wouldn’t take civilian lives if they thought they needed to

  28. Jay do you understand where Mr. Matthews is coming from on this… He grew up in South Africa during the Apartheid, one of his good friends was shot in the head for protesting his beliefs in a time of revolution in South Africa. Why don’t you get your head out of your ass and do some background information on the person your are writing in response to before you completely reject his beliefs. This is America, and this country was built and molded on different beliefs. I may not have agreed with Dave before, but I sure as hell do now. I realized that the conservatives are money hungry and pursuing their own interests after reading your statement. Oh yeah, I neglected to read more up on you before I wrote this you fucking prick!

  29. After reading Jay’s statement, I felt as though I had just finished reading a statement made by a child trying to put the blame for his actions on somebody else. Therefore forgive me for my use of name calling and lack of decent language, but I felt that this response needed a childish answer. I hope you found some humor in it Jay along with the rest of the community who is reading this whether they be DMB fans or not. I have respect for your opinions at when I first read Dave’s statement of opinion I was 90% against it. After thinking about all Dave Matthews has gone through in his life, I’m understanding his statements more and more, my political view is leaning away from a war against Iraq. I believe we have issues to resolve here in the States, and we still have the obligation to hunt al Qaeda and any other terrorist network. Once we have finished that duty, The world as one can decide on whether or not Saddam is a threat to the global community. Then again it’s too late to pull the troops out and if we do, we’re gonna look like pussies to any country who dislikes us.
    Respectfully yours,

  30. OK, his arguments were not sound? Fine, but neither were yours. By the way, do YOU have a degree in foreign relations? If you do, fine. If you don’t, then get off your high horse.

  31. This is about one thing and one thing only: oil. You’d should remove your head from your ass so you can see the view from your gas-guzzling, menace-to-the-roadways-but-extremely-profit-worthy Expedition. That rat bastard Bush has it flowing through his veins. Go to hell asshole.

  32. I believe President Bush has said he wants to disarm Iraq. I have yet to hear him say that he wants to liberate and free the Iraqis. The people of Iraq are not one unified nation. They are made up of various cultures like the Kurds and Shia Muslims who have fought each other for decades. A war with Iraq would not create peace there. Don’t be so sure our government would intervene in those affairs. It didn’t the last time we fought Iraq.

    ROBERT GATES, Deputy National Security Advisor: “And that was the quagmire. Therein laid Vietnam, as far as we were concerned, because we would still be there. And what’s more, given the American way of doing things, we would have then had the responsibility for rebuilding all of the infrastructure and we were just determined not to get sucked into that trap.”

    Pres. GEORGE BUSH: [April 3, 1991, Florida] “I do not want to push American forces beyond our mandate. We’ve done the heavy lifting. Our kids performed with superior courage and they don’t need to be thrust into a war that’s been going on for years.”

    Gen. COLIN POWELL: “The only issue that came up is, “Should we do something about the Iraqi helicopters?” It had never been one of our objectives to get involved in this kind of civil uprising between factions within Iraq and the Iraqi government. And so it was not clear what purpose would have been achieved by getting ourselves mixed up in the middle of that.”

    JAMES BAKER, Secretary of State: “We did not want to take on the responsibility for having to create a safe haven there. And if it was going to be enforced, it wasn’t going to be enforced by others. It was going to have to be enforced by- by Uncle Whiskers. And we really didn’t want to do it.”

  33. Chris: As a matter of fact, I do have a degree in political science and have done extensive research into international relations and comparative politics. And furthermore, if my arguments are so unsound, it seems somewhat strange that no one has come up with any refutations for them backed up by any evidence.

    As for Mr. Matthew’s life experiences, those have no bearing on the current situation. While I’m sure Mr. Matthews experiences in South Africa did shape his worldview, that has nothing to do with the situation in Iraq. The only thing I care about is what he said, his life story has no relevance or bearing to his argument. His argument is fundamentally flawed, and so far I’ve not seen one single response that uses any evidence to counter any of my assertions.

    Bob: Get a clue.

    James: You’re right that we didn’t want to get deeply involved in Iraq after the first Gulf War. (We erroneously assumed that Saddam would fall from power in short order.) However, it is now clear that such a policy is no longer tenable. Once again, Pollack’s book clearly lays out the history of prior US/Iraqi relations and why invasion remains our best option of removing the threat (and liberating the Iraqi people in the process).

  34. If President Bush’s objective of a war is just to disarm Iraq, then I can’t support that. I would rather see the money and resources put into increasing weapons inspections drastically than putting money into killing people. One innocent child, mother, or father killed is too much in my eyes. How would you feel if you were sitting in your home and all of a sudden your family was killed by a bomb. I certaintly wouldn’t say, “Hey my family is dead but it’s for a good cause.” Don’t just say it’s the price of war. That’s degrading human life and is just ignorant, which is easy to do when you don’t have bullets flying at you and your friends and family aren’t in immediate danger. If President Bush said he wants to liberate Iraq as well, I’d still be skeptical. It’s not as easy as just getting rid of Saddam. There are many different factions of people in Iraq and many different people who want to rule. It would not be a peaceful process. I would want to hear his plan for creating a peaceful democracy in Iraq before I supported him. Without a clear plan and objective, another Vietnam is serious possibility.

  35. Wow. There are a lot of comments on this topic! I for one have been a BIG fan of Dave Matthews for a very long time. Also, I am a member of the United States Air Force. I was upset reading his statement concerning the current conflict we are having with Saddam Hussien and the Iraqi gov’t. Jay, I agree with you on a lot of your points but there are ways to express yuor opinion with out being ugly about it.

    First and foremost, THIS WAR IS NOT ABOUT OIL!!! The only reason why the attention shifted to Iraq in the first place was because we have known for years that he had chemical and biological weapons. Not to mention seeking nukes. Up until lately, he started harboring Al-Qaeda terrorists. If Dave Matthews would have watched Colin Powell’s speech to the UN he would know that. That my friends is the ONLY reason why we put all focus on Iraq. As of now, Al-Qaeda has been the only terrorist organization that has been able to make a offensive strike against the US. The president’s job is to make sure that doesnt happen again. His job above all else is to protect the American people. He only stepped up when military intelligence showed that Al-Qaeda had moved into Northern Iraq. The last thing the US (or any other country for that matter) needs is to have terrorists deploy chemical and biological weapons on innocent people. Granted, UN inspectors haven’t found them yet, but they sure as hell aren’t account for since 1998 and they weren’t declared on the Weapons Declaration from December 2002. Are we just supposed to assume that these weapons are gone? yea right! the evidence that Colin Powell presented the UN was more than enough proof that Iraq is definately hiding something.

    Its really sad to know that countries like France, Germany and Russia are not backing this. Kinda figures since they have business and trade deals with Iraq concerning their oil. All i know is if the US wanted oil that bad, why did we give it back to the Kuwaiti’s in 1991????

    I really wish the idea of peace, love and a utopian society could happen someday. I don’t forsee that coming any time soon. We can wish all we want, but Saddam needs to be taken care of. The proof is there and whether anyone likes it or not, we are going to take care of this. Bush is doing his job. Protecting the American people.

  36. Jay…. maybe you should think before you insult a person who has seen first hand some ot the horrible tragedies which happened in South Africa under Apartheid rule. I think Dave understands a lot better than you what a war of this magnitude would mean to the people of iraq and others throughout the world. Dave Matthews is a person who is trying to use his position of celebrity to make a difference in the world. He’s being socially responsible and speaking his mind in attempt to better this world which we all live in. You can hardly say the same of the Bush administration. It’s people like you who should be sent over to the front lines first if our “nut-case” for a president indeed decides to attack iraq. And one more thing, what college freshman “quickly outgrows DMB?!?!” Dust those cob webs out of your skull and think for a change!

  37. Dear Sir,

    I have to say, I am a huge Dave Matthews Fan, but I do support the war. (By the way, I’m 26 — attend a show, most people are my age or older with the occasional college student mixed in) But, people such as yourself are exactly what is wrong with this country, things are not black and white and you are so flip in your disagreements. Ihope you have intelligent things to say, etc. etc. The wonderful part is this is America, and if there ever was complete agreement over the general public on any one topic — we should worry. Try not calling people idiots for their own thoughts — if you knew anything about Dave Matthews, you would know that he is not a big PR person or you would know about the millions and millions of dollars that he has given in Charlottesville, VA to help re-build their cultural areas, and all of the money he has sent to the area that he grew up in Africa — atleast do not lump Dave into the pot with other celebrities who have jumped on the anti-war bandwagon. You can believe that no one wrote that statement for him, those are Dave’s own personal thoughts and he does believe that his status as a celebrity gives him the ability to change the world so bravo to him for speaking his own mind — it’s called Democracy and Freedom — it is what we live for.

  38. Hello,

    Dave Matthews is 100% right in doing this. It seems to me the only people who want war on Iraq are the US government and oil tycoons in the US. President Bush and his followers need to adopt a new foreign policy. This would be the only way to increase relations with the middle-east and any possible terrorists. If not the citizens of the US will pay with their lives. A diplomatic resolution is what the world would like to see. But, Mr. Bush is after the man his Daddy couldn’t kill and to make up for his failure to kill Bin Laden. This failure made him look like the fool he is, in front of his citizens. Does the US government see North Korea building a nuclear weapon? No, there is no oil in the ground in Korea. So why would Mr.Bush concern himself with that? As for the writer of this article, I think its time you take your head out of the ground. Dave Matthews does not need any free publicity. He is an amazing artist, who just like any other person in this world, is free to voice their opinion. I don’t know of anyone who “outgrows” Dave’s music. Finally, I am proud to live in a country that does not support the US in this unjust war. The Canadian government beleives in a diplomatic end to this. I applaud the Governments of France, Germany and Russia as well. The USA is the bully and enemy of the world. Regime change in the US would do the world some good.

  39. Hello,

    Dave Matthews is 100% right in doing this. It seems to me the only people who want war on Iraq are the US government and oil tycoons in the US. President Bush and his followers need to adopt a new foreign policy. This would be the only way to increase relations with the middle-east and any possible terrorists. If not the citizens of the US will pay with their lives. A diplomatic resolution is what the world would like to see. But, Mr. Bush is after the man his Daddy couldn’t kill and to make up for his failure to kill Bin Laden. This failure made him look like the fool he is, in front of his citizens. Does the US government see North Korea building a nuclear weapon? No, there is no oil in the ground in Korea. So why would Mr.Bush concern himself with that? As for the writer of this article, I think its time you take your head out of the ground. Dave Matthews does not need any free publicity. He is an amazing artist, who just like any other person in this world, is free to voice their opinion. I don’t know of anyone who “outgrows” Dave’s music. Finally, I am proud to live in a country that does not support the US in this unjust war. The Canadian government beleives in a diplomatic end to this. I applaud the Governments of France, Germany and Russia as well. The USA is the bully and enemy of the world. Regime change in the US would do the world some good.

  40. Let Dave be, this is his right to speak on what he wants. This is still America. I may not believe in everything he says in his statement but I do respect his thoughts on this and who is to say he is wrong or right? No one on here I assure you. Why not for once in our history try the other road, the one less traveled? Who knows it may be the best thing, but to say Dave is wrong is wrong by the person saying it. I thank Dave for taking his time out to share his thoughts and hope his upcoming tour with Timmy is as good as I think it will be

  41. I don’t deny that Mr. Matthews has every right to speak his mind – however, I also have every right to point out that his arguments are based on a set of deeply flawed assumptions. The only thing I care about in this case is what he says, not his background or how principled he may be. A person of deep principles can still be tragically wrong. (See Neville Chamberlain or Woodrow Wilson…)

  42. Jay,
    I can’t blame you for your pariochial viewpoints. It’s hard to get good information these days from unbiased sources. Instead of watching news stations like CNN and Fox spend some time with your family and friends. Maybe you can learn something from them like compassion and appreciation for human life.

    Mike V.

  43. Of course Dave has the right to speak his mind, the same way people have the right to criticize him. He is a public figure using his notoriety to push a political agenda. That being said, I don’t think the antiwar movement will be hanging their hat on his statement. There is an intelligent argument against a war with Iraq and his wasn’t it.

  44. We cannot refute your opinion, that is why it’s an opinion. If we could utterly and completely refute your comments, then there wouldn’t be as good a case for war as they have now. Its not about refuting your allegations, and its not about Dave Matthews. Its about the motivation behind the Bush administration’s decision-making. As I have been absolutely correct in predicting about that man and what paths he would take since he entered office, I will assume I am correct now in judging his opinion, and where he is heading. Why should people take your word over mine, or anyone else’s for that matter? It’s just your [right-wing] opinion. You act as if there is no in-between, only black or white. Open your eyes and see how many shades there really are in between.

    P.S. Be nicer. It doesn’t hurt you, and it makes your arguements more convincing in fact. Try yoga or something to calm yourself down.

  45. Well John, you and everyone on here that think he is wrong, and there are quite a few, need to take up arms and go fight with the soldiers for what you believe in. I am sure Uncle Sam will take you. There are plenty of places to sign up.

  46. Chris,

    So you are saying that anyone who sees merits in a war with Iraq should sign up for the military? Interesting, if that were the case, none of us would be able to comment on any aspect of our society in which he didn’t actively participate. Also, I never mentioned that I was for or against the war, I simply pointed out that Dave’s statement was not very convincing to me. As I said, I’ve heard people give good arguments against the war but his wasn’t one of them. You seem to equate criticism of Dave with a prowar sentiment. He’s just a musician, get over it.

  47. Dave may just be a musician who is in the public eye. But, he is also a citizen of the US and he just, like anyone, is able to voice their opinion on matters that will affect the nation. No matter what the situation is, war is never the way to find a resolution. I share the same feelings as Dave matthews does. This war is only about the oil and bush will kill anyone who wants to get in his way. Who is the tyrant now? The US is the worlds bully and they are out for world domination.

  48. Umm yea… I do believe that something has to be done about SH but i do agree with Dave Matthews on some of the points. He has his right to an opinion and yea maybe he isnt completely acurate but who the hell cares, this is America, he can be wrong, thats whats great about it and is why we might be engaging ourselves into war to protect it. I’m not going to pretend that i know everything that is influencing Bush’s actions,cause im not even close, but i do know that everything that is being said on this webpage is rediculous… we, if anything have to come together during these times, not bash dave matthews because he sings songs and wanted to have a say in the matter. Give him credit for not giving a shit about what people were goign to say about him. Give him credit for caring. Caring about his family, his friends and fellow americans. Lastly, if we do end up going to war, i just want to say to the service men and women that you have my backing 100%,you have my prayers,and I’m sure you have Dave Matthews too.

  49. Shawn: I just want to let you know that I, nor any of my fellow soldiers, are child killing tyrants. We are your neighbors and your fellow countrymen. The difference between you and I, is that you are unwilling to make a personal sacrifice for the good of the world if it in anyway inconveniences you. No one who joins the military does it because they want to die for their country. We fight and die so that you have the right to speak out and critisize your government when you dissagree. I guess it’s too much for you to show a little apreciation for someone who is willing to die in your place. I hope your children grow up to realize how ignorant you truly are.

    “The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who fail to act in times of crisis”~ Dante

  50. the japanese people were not ‘liberated’ at the end of ww2. through that statement alone you have exhibited the same quality of ignorance that you purport to reside in the matthews statement. more like ‘conservatism with a chip on its shoulder’. or ‘conservatism where hypocrisy in judgement knows no bounds’. or just ‘hate begets hate’.

  51. Evan I am willing to sacrifice, I am willing to be inconveinenced by using less oil paying more to use alternative sources of energy, I can live without an endless variety of food available to most americans that takes only a short trip to the supermarket in my nice minivan to aquire. I could live in a smaller home that is warm and dry and mine, to ensure that the rest of the human population can live in the same comfort and sequrity, in fact I would give up many comforts to share what we have. But I will not kill inocent people to achieve this. Unfortunatly i

    I do not believe that war at this time is just, but if it happens my prayers are with all who are involved. I will speak out against it at any opertunity, I do not want to see our young men and women killed or hurt in any way, I believe that american people should not not relie on our youth to ensure that that the rest of us ( some of us) can have the unlimmeted comforts that we enjoy. The upper-income of this country need to share the wealth and accept some of the burdon to secure democracy for our country. We can tighten our belt for the greater good, our lives should be the last resort of sacrifice, there is a lot of material things we can give up first. I don’t want someone to die for my right to drive a big car.

  52. To the guy named Shawn who labled all military personal civilian killers.

    Were it not for today’s as well previous generations of military personal you would not have the soapbox from which to spew your garbage. You owe them a debt of gratitude.

  53. You must understand that Dave Matthews is a Quaker and basically a pasafist.

    He and his four other band members are the finest musicians on earth, and I have enjoyed watching them for over 6 years.

    However, it was obvious that Dave’s statement was not well thought out.

    First of all, everything he had to say is crazy. He doesn’t want Iraqi’s killed, but he feels a “Genocidal Maniac” should stay in office. Makes a lot of sense.

    I take offense to his comments about the bush administration too, if he doesn’t like em, go back to South Africa. He should thank GOD Al Gore was not in office on September 11, 2001. Or they may be no Dave Matthews Band.

    Finally, I would expect someone coming from a country like the one he comes from would understand “liberation.” Maybe he thinks the 90% black population in South Africa should continue to be supressed. Because the Iraqi people will continue to BE SUPRESSED SO LONG AS SH IS ALLOWED TO REIGNE. Reigime change does need to be decided by the people of the nation, and they have made their decision, ALL THEY NEED IS SOME HELP.

    You emberassed yourself and the rest of your band who I DOUBT ALL AGREE WITH YOU.

    Emberassed Fan,


  54. Nice work, Matt and Jay, except for the terrible spelling, the incorrect arguments and the failure to grasp the fundamental issues of the War on Terrorism.

    Osama bin Laden (remember him–the guy who attacked America and we still haven’t caught) hates Saddam Hussein with a passion. Even in the last tape (just released) when bin Laden offers his support to the people of Iraq in a war against the US, he makes it very clear that he is not supporting Saddam or his regime. Anyone who has researched Wahhabism (the extreme form of Islam to which bin Laden and his followers ascribe) knows that they (Wahhabists) hate secular Arab governments (like Iraq’s) more than they hate America. They see us as the enemy; they see Saddam as a traitor.

    Fighting a war in Iraq will remove Saddam from power, albeit at great cost. The question we must ask ourselves is two-fold: 1.) What will we do once he’s gone? and 2.) What will become of Iraq and it’s government when we’ve gone, too?

    Unless we’re willing to keep American soldiers on the ground in Baghdad for years to come, all the while coming under fire from al-Qaeda in other regions, we should not commit ourselves to war. Unless we’re prepared to pick, arm and train an entirely new Iraqi government at a cost of billions of dollars, we should not commit ourselves to war.

    Why must we rush to fight when we haven’t even caught the last person to hit us?

  55. JR,

    “Rush to fight” is a funny phrase to use in light of 12 years of Iraq violating UN resolutions, including most recently resolution 1441. For some people it seams war is always being rushed no matter how long the wait. Regardless, to me, it comes down to whether you think Iraq poses a threat to our national security. If you don’t think it does, than say so. That’s resonable. If there is a threat, however, aren’t we obligated to defend ourselves? Are we supposed to ignore a dangerous situation because we don’t want to spend the money or commit troops?

  56. I do not agree how Jay poked fun at Dave Matthews for his views and the fact he spoke his mind. Just because he is an artist doesn’t make his political opinions any less than yours. Freedom of political speech is what makes America great. On the other hand, I AGREE TOTALLY with Jay on how to handle Saddam. For twelve years America has tried to diplomatically settle the situation, and Saddam has broken every sanction and deal we’ve ever made with him. Saddam has had his chance for a peaceful resolution, NOW IT’S OUR DEUTY TO BRING HIM DOWN.

  57. Dave,
    While I respect your opinions, and you are certainly entitled to them, I could not disagree with you more: This war is right and the rationale behind it is explicitly American. As a precursor to this discussion, recall that Congress gave the President the authority to forcibly disarm Iraq late last year and that U.N. Resolution 1441 puts the onus on Iraq to prove it has disarmed (by deadlines already passed) or face forcible disarmament.
    Part of the problem with your argument is that it is based on incorrect assumptions. Let me address them one at a time. First, you assert that whether or not America’s motivation for going to war is regime change, the process should begin internally (i.e., within Iraq). Internally generated regime change in a genocidal dictatorship like Saddam’s is impossible except for a coup, the likelihood of which is slim. The idea of a popular referendum on regime change in Iraq is ludicrous, as Saddam has demonstrated his willingness to murder dissenting Iraqi Kurds with chemical and conventional weapons.
    You then contend that, “the only real threat from Saddam Hussein is to his neighbors and none of them support a U.S. invasion.” To be sure, Saddam does threaten his neighbors. His invasion of Kuwait, scud attacks on Israel, and plans to invade Saudi Arabia demonstrate that. And, for one, Israel (one of his neighbors) certainly supports removing him.
    But Saddam also threatens the rest of the world. He does so primarily by supporting terrorist groups (i.e., providing asylum for Al Qaeda members fleeing Afghanistan so they might be able to attack again). His weapons of mass destruction could easily be sold to a terrorist group intent on using them against a country anywhere in the world.
    After Saddam invaded its neighbor, Kuwait, the United Nations viewed him and his weapons of mass destruction as a threat to the world that must be eliminated. The Clinton Administration viewed him and his weapons as an even greater threat in 1998, when that administration beat the drums of war as loudly as the current administration is today. The only thing that has changed during this time is that the threat has increased. Saddam’s stockpile of weapons has grown. His progress toward the development of a nuclear bomb has continued. He is a threat to the world.
    Next, you argue that a war in the Middle East would not lead to stabilization; that war would, “do the opposite by causing further death and suffering in a country that has had more than its share.” Dave, it’s very simple – Freedom and liberty do not lead to death and suffering; genocidal dictators do. In Iraq, you have a dictator who, in the Gulf War, mandated involuntary human shields around military installations. You have a tyrant who put day care centers at bomb making factories. You have a murderer who, in effect, killed children for the press coverage. Spending some time reading and listening to the stories of those who have escaped his regime has led me to believe that after our victory, you and the rest of the world will be shocked by the random murder, vicious torture, and rampant repression that defines Saddam’s rule.
    Yes, Iraq has had more than its share of death and suffering. That’s why we must remove Saddam Hussein. You quip that our reason for going to war, “is certainly not to liberate the people of Iraq who suffer under Hussein’s rule, unless we call killing hundreds of thousands of Iraqis liberation.” Where are you coming up with this “killing hundreds of thousands of Iraqis?” If this war is even remotely like the one 10 years ago, nothing of the sort will happen. Remember the soldiers giving themselves up to reporters? Mass civilian casualties, should they occur, can only be blamed on the person who has defied the world’s demands and who has brought war upon himself and his country – Saddam Hussein.
    Next, you claim that, “the U.N. weapons inspectors must be allowed to do their job thoroughly and any military action should be internationally agreed upon.” As alluded to earlier, UN Resolution 1441 puts the onus on Iraq to prove that it has disarmed. The inspectors are not charged with finding weapons. Conversely, the resolution requires Iraq to prove it has disarmed. President Bush’s State of the Union address, Sec. of State Powel’s speech to the UN, and Hanz Blix’s reports to the UN make it clear beyond any doubt that Saddam continues to delay and deceive as he has done for over 10 years. Saddam has not proved he has disarmed and every bit of intelligence released to the public indicates that the opposite has occurred. Resolution 1441 sets the consequences for Saddam’s failure – forcible disarmament. To not hold Saddam accountable to the UN resolution is to prove the UN irrelevant. By holding Iraq to the 1441’s consequences, the United States is making sure the UN does not.
    However, even if Resolution 1441 did not exist, I disagree that the invasion must be internationally agreed upon. Are we to rely on France and Germany to dictate the terms of our national security? Must the United States subvert the importance of the safety of its citizens, indeed, its sovereignty, to the whims of relatively unimportant (in the modern global economic and military landscape) countries? Of course not.

  58. We should be 10X more scared of where Prez Bush leads us than what Prez Hussein can do to us….

    Where’s the random assassination when ya really need one?

  59. Jay
    It always helps your credibility and shows your maturity when refuting a statement made by someone, you belittle the persons career, in this case Dave Matthews music and his “freshman of college” fans. Last time I checked we do live in a country where even musicians and artists, even though they aren’t professional war experts like yourself, are allowed to express an opinion. And these opinions aren’t necessarily done for publicity purposes. Please try getting a more original and intelligent rebuttal next time.

  60. I think all of you sound like a bunch of bickering children. Everyone has their own opinions, right? Isn’t that guaranteed to every citized in the constitution?

    Personally, I think we do need to remove Saddam from power. But is war really the right answer? We think ourselves so great, so intellegent. If we all put a little brain power another solution might appear. I did watch Colin Powell address the UN. Many things shown may have an explination behind them.

    However, I do not have access to classified information. I may have missed something in the news. Maybe I am underestimating. Maybe I’m skeptical because I am not fond of the President. Maybe it’s because I’m a teenager. Maybe I’m right. Who really knows at this time?

    One other thing; I’ve been a DMB fan for about 7 years now, and I’m not even half way through high school. If you’re truly a fan, you never “outgrow” their music.

  61. I think all of you sound like a bunch of bickering children. Everyone has their own opinions, right? Isn’t that guaranteed to every citized in the constitution?

    Personally, I think we do need to remove Saddam from power. But is war really the right answer? We think ourselves so great, so intellegent. If we all put a little brain power another solution might appear. I did watch Colin Powell address the UN. Many things shown may have an explination behind them.

    However, I do not have access to classified information. I may have missed something in the news. Maybe I am underestimating. Maybe I’m skeptical because I am not fond of the President. Maybe it’s because I’m a teenager. Maybe I’m right. Who really knows at this time?

    One other thing; I’ve been a DMB fan for about 7 years now, and I’m not even half way through high school. If you’re truly a fan, you never “outgrow” their music.

  62. One of our opinionated columnists at Slippy Magazine wrote an article in response to Dave’s anti-war sentiment. Though it does not necesarily reflect the opinions of all of us at Slippy Magazine, it is definitely is blunt and to the point. Those of you intersted in the subject matter should definitely check it/us out at http://www.slippymagazine.com.
    Peace be with you all.

  63. I am also a long time fan who found Dave’s statement completely sidesteps reality.

    While I have no love for war, I believe it is now time for the U.S. to secure it’s future.

    I just wonder if we shouldn’t confront North Korea first?

    And Dave, are you aware of the amazing destruction Mr. Saddam has caused in the area of Environmental atrocities?

    Setting oil fields ablaze, dumping 5 ships worth of crude oil into the Persian Gulf to erradicate the local population by eliminating it’s food source, etc., etc.

    There are 1,000 reasons why this psycho has to go…

  64. Mr. Reding,
    Let me begin by stating that I am a huge fan of Dave Matthews Band. I disagree, however, with the majority of Dave’s opinions on this topic. I respect the fact that he has spoken his mind in the interest of peace, even if I feel his views are wrong. But I have to say that after reading your “fisking,” I have absolutely no respect for you.

    You stated that you understand that Dave Matthews has a right to express his opinion just as you have to right to point out that it is based on flawed assumptions. That is perfectly fine, but why not try doing so without being an ass? Mr. Matthews had no cruel or self-serving intentions with his statement, but it certainly appears that your reaction did. You give the impression that there are very few individuals, whether they agree with you or not, who would be able to tolerate you…and I’m certain there are a great deal more who strongly dislike you. If this “article” is any reflection of your character, I certainly pity you.

    I’m sure you think I’m being very hypocritical by saying these things in reaction to the rude way that you responded to Mr. Matthews, but I have a reason for posting this. I will suspend my judgment of you, Mr. Reding, until I have given you an opportunity to make ammends. I stongly urge you to issue an apology for the extremely unprofessional way that you have handled this matter. If you cannot see the value of this, I highly doubt that your career in journalism will progress much further. Not only would it calm the nerves of all those you have offended, but I guarantee that it would cause you to seem far more credible. As it stands, you appear to be nothing but a jerk. Please, Mr. Reding, change my mind about you.

    As I stated, I agree with many of your points…but why not try to be mature about them? Whether he is right or wrong, the statement issued by Dave Matthews, a musical performer, seemed much more credible and mature than the response given by you, although you claim to be a journalist.


  65. Listen Reding,

    How do you know you’re right? Do you understand the concept that everyone has a different point of view, and in most cases, there is no right or wrong answer. (this was a rhetorical question, it’s clear that you don’t) You are, by all means, entitled to your opinion. After all, that’s one of the ideas that this country is based on. But you don’t have to be such an ass about it.

    How did this idea about going to war with Iraq start anyway? Did they attack anyone? . . .no . . . Did they threaten anyone? . . . nope. And how does one go about proving that someone is THINKING about attacking us? Is Bush working with Ms. Cleo? What the Hell? The fact of the matter is, the bush administration pulled this whole thing out of their asses to hide their failures. Their failures in the war on terror, and their failures in dealing with the economy. I agree one hundred percent with Dave Matthews.

    Although I’m sure Saddam has a plentiful stockpile of weapons of mass destruction, there is just something immoral to me about attacking someone based on what you think their intentions might be. And I understand that war is inevitable in some cases. If someone hits you in the face with a 2×4, are you just going to stand there? no, you’re going to kick the crap out of the guy that hit you. This is not one of those cases.

    Zack Brinn

  66. Jay,

    Honest concern leads me to address your diatribe on Dave Matthews. I found it humorously out of step with common sense. Maybe you missed Roosevelt’s advice to “SPEAK SOFTLY” when carrying a Big Stick. Your selectively informed opinion is what anthropologests call “number one syndrome,” or ethnocentrism, and breeds resentment the world over. We received a taste of this resentment on Sept 11.

    I’m not even a big Dave Matthews fan, and I found your critique insulting to both his intelligence and mine. You belittle and defame, knowing full well that you would never rise to a level of importance where a celebrity would even look down and notice you are so condemning. Frankly, I can’t imagine anybody really caring. I honestly found the ‘critique’ embarassing for you. I attend one of the most conservative schools in the Nation, and yet I find your brand of conservatism threatening to any way of life but your own.

    Please take this for what it is worth, somebody trying to tell you that your brand of humiliation doesn’t do anything but create feelings of resentment for those on the other side of the issue.



  67. Two quick point:

    #1 How can anyone say that a person’s opinions (pop star or average Joe) are wrong? What I find unAmerican is any calling someone else an idiot based on their own beliefs – don’t we have a 1st Amendment anymore, or is that another civil liberty our great nation has decided to give up?

    #2, in regard to Mr. Reding post from 2/10 @ 8:19PM. I will not stoop to your level, BUT to compare the treatment of troops from the Vietnam war to those of today is not fair. Did I miss the draft? Did I miss the day when your personal choice to support war and join the army on your own accord was taken away? Just curious. If you were the “expert” you claim to be, or just pretend to be to get hits on your website, you would realize the great difference between the conflict in Vietnam and the pending war with Iraq.

    And for the huge “up in arms” about Dave’s statement – this is not a new thing – he’s always had political views (as he is entitled). Maybe you “the huge Dave fan” should listen to the music you love so much a little closer. When you sing along with “The Last Stop” or “Cry Freedom”, I could go on, think about what he’s actually saying, and then think about your career choice – because you actually have the power to make that choice. The army you will be fighting against doesn’t have that luxery.

    Peace –

  68. I would like to respond to Jennifer’s question about how anyone’s opinion can be wrong. Opinions, though thought out, can be wrong, because they are not facts; they are open to dispute. Dave’s opinions are wrong, because they are superceded by the facts at hand. (see my comments on 2/12)

  69. Big jay it looks like your the one getting free publicity out of this. You are a fool. I don’t say that because of your opinion of the war (because I like to think I see all points) but rather because the way you handle getting your points out there. Being a sarcastic jackass is no why to do it so I hope anyone that reads this article looses respect for you becuase of your jackass ways just as I did.

    ps: Im guessing you didn’t realize the dmb had so many loyal fans that respect them. You don’t see that these days do you.

    from davis(9year-36year old fan)

  70. What I will never understand about this whole war debate is the deliberate blinding factor. Conservatives argue that Saddam is killing his own people and that the US is morally obligated to go in and take him out of power. But what about the dozens of other countries where slave labor and human rights violations abound under the watchful eye of national governments? What about Brazil, Pakistan, Rwanda, Sudan, Somolia, Nigeria, Colombia, India, North Korea, East Timor, Zimbabwe, and Cote d’Ivoire just to name a few? Why don’t we as Americans cry out for their liberation from tyranny and oppression? Why is Iraq so frickin important to the United States? The arguement that Saddam is pursuing nuclear and chemical weapons is a complicated one. I tend to defer to Hans Blix, the expert in this matter, and he seems to think that the inspections are gaining ground and should be allowed to continue. There is NO EVIDENCE that Saddam currently has nuclear or chemical weapons. The most we can accuse him of is a lack of cooperation. But every day the road gets a little easier for the weapons inspectors.
    Also, one thing to remember – all around the world today, people are gathering for an anti-war protest. Where are the pro-war people? Where are the pro-war rallies to match this anti-war one? There are some of us, Dave Matthews included, who are willing to stand up for what we believe is right and against what we believe is wrong. When I read his statement, it was a breath of fresh air. Finally someone with a national following was willing to break through the hypocricy and say what needed to be said. He did so peacefully and eloquently. He did so without namecalling (the likes of which I’ve read on this page…). Instead of blasting Dave Matthews for his willingness to speak out, at least offer some rational intelligent discussions that could lead to a deeper understanding of the situation. I think he raised some extremely valid points – ones that would facilitate discussion, just as he does with his music. To me, it also means more coming from a white South African. Iraq’s situation has been linked to South Africa’s in myriad places, and rightly so. Why can’t we now listen to a man who has seen horror and evil up close? Why is war the only way to peace? I, along with most of the rest of the world, am not falling for that. Thank you Dave Matthews.


  71. I think the real brain here is Jay Reding (whom I’ve never heard of before, and am sure I never will again.) Jay just fooled thousands of people into paying attention to him by taking an intelligent, heartfelt document and making fun of it like a vicious little 12-year-old. Good job, Jay. You’re a true American.

  72. I love Dave Matthews’s music and I always will. That being said, he needs to shut his big mouth when it comes to the war on terrorism. My favorite musician’s words are misplaced and unwanted. He needs to stick to entertaining.

  73. I am amazed by the number of people who wrote in comments on how Brilliant Mr. Mathews is
    and how what he is doing is so grand. I love Dave Matthews, his music is heavenly, but outside
    of music he should just keep to himself. The men and women who wrote in talking about how “if
    you knew anything about Dave Matthews then….” BLAH BLAH BLAH! Yes we all know that
    you loyal Dave Matthews fans sit around and read your Dave Matthews books that tell you all
    about his life and where he grew up and yes you all know where the Warehouse is and yes you all
    download bootleg copies of his shows and because you all believe in his hippie left wing
    lifestyle of “lets hold hands and maybe peace will just happen” need to get back to downloading
    your music and let people who understand the world talk about these real issues. Dave Matthews
    is a musician ok. He makes money off of you and sits up in his nice little mansion and thinks,
    “people should be more like me, Peace is great, I’m going to smoke a bowl, free my mind, and
    write some silly letter to the public so they all now how smart I am.” and then you, his loyal
    public think “WOW, DAVE is GREAT! He is so aware of world issues! Let me through on my
    hemp and listen to him and Tim Reynolds JAM!” look, peace is wonderful and Dave is an
    amazing song writer, with an amazing voice, and band. He has lead an amazing life and I believe
    he is a good guy, but come on people, lets not let our devotion to a jam band get out of control.
    The war is going to happen and it’s a damn good thing! Think of it this way, if it Mr. Matthews,
    or any of you devoted fans who agree whole heartedly with him, truly think this war is wrong,
    then travel your little hippie asses over to Afghanistan or Iraq and then whip our your little laptop
    computer, sign online, and voice your opinion then. Yeah see the problem is you cant do that.
    That’s the beauty of America, here I can tell you what idiots you all are and how stupid you
    sound, you can tell me the same, and yet no one is going to come to my house or yours and arrest
    me for having an opinion.

    Jay Reding I THANK YOU! Thank you for pointing out that just becaue you make great music
    you are not all knowing to the ways of the war.

    P.S. anyone who uses the stupid argument “are you fighting in the war?” needs to be shot, ARE
    YOU STUPID! No buddy I am not fighting in this war. No instead we are going to work hard to
    make money and spend it here in America so that this sad and sinking economy all you hippies
    are worried about can survive ok……

  74. Death to Morgan for writing such blashphemy!! No ‘True’ Dave Mathews fan would speak such nonsense. She lies, I tell you…SHE LIES.

    She talks like peace is so complicated a thing, but isn’t it really just a matter of saying ‘just be’. I mean, really, didn’t Kennedy tell us to not to see what is and ask why, but to ask what isn’t and say why not?? Why can’t we all just hold hands a make peace!!?? Isn’t it really all about making love and not war…wahts so complicated about that?

    Even more to the point….the idea that Dave Mathews is ‘just’ a musician is ludicrous!! HE is a man of greatness, and we should all follow where he leads….it doesn’t take an ivory tower book worm to know international politics, all it takes is a good heart and a belief that through good will the world can be made a better place

    General Sherman said during the civil war that ‘War is hell’ well if war i hell, then peace must be heaven….lets strive for heaven on earth through peace then. Maybe Morgan hit on a good point….let’s go to Iraq and teach the people about freedom. we can overthrow Saddam through peaceful protest and good intentions….not violence. If we all stand together and in one voice say “THIS FAR, AND NO FURTHER’ I can’t help but think we could succeed.

    Finally, what does Dave Mathews living in a Mansion have to do with anything…its not where his body is but where is mind is that matters…and his mind is with us…his people. I care for him and trust in him, because I know that he cares and trust in me.

    Now, let us all pray that the Morgans of the world
    will come around and realize that if you believe hard enough, you can make anythign happen.

    Lets all make love, not war.

  75. The irony here is that I am listening to Dave right now while writing this. And another ironic thing is that you, Chris, have proven Morgans point to a T. No matter what level of peacefulness and conscienceness we achieve, there will still be evil people in the world. Saddam Hussein is one of those people. He knows how to trick the UN into appearing innocent of all wrong doing, because the UN is unable and unwilling to call any nation’s bluff. Hussein has chemical weapons (which our troops found and were exposed to in the Gulf War) and he wants bigger and better toys. How on earth can we say there is no way for him to obtain nuclear technology? Korea almost has it.

    Iraq once had the 6th largest army in the world. Are we to assume that they pose no threat to Americans. It is true, No Iraqi army will ever set foot on American soil, but open your eyes. Chris, were you sober on the morning of September 11? It doesn’t take an army to kill thousands of Americans, or any other innocent peoples. We live in a free country where people can move about freely, and cause some serious harm if they try hard enough. We are susceptible to terrorism. That’s because we don’t have militia with M-16s patrolling the streets. That’s called freedom. It comes at a cost. And you know what, it makes me sad to know that you attend the same school as I do. But that’s another one of our rights in this country. Freedom of Speech. But you know that we wouldn’t have that, if we didn’t have the Brave men and women of the US military who have fought and died on foreign soils to give that to us.

    Sherman was a great general, and a murderer. He continued to burn and loot southern towns across 3 states after the surrender of the confederacy. Please don’t quote popular people and consider them authorities. Dave Matthews is not a General, he has not seen satellite photos of convoys moving weapons that are made to kill US citizens in foreign countries and our allies. As you all know we need to protect them as well. Sometimes that is dont through waging war on other.

    As for other nations… We bailed France out of WW2. We whooped Germany in WW1 and 2, but that doesn’t mean that they have an Anti-American sentiment? No. It just means that they aren’t confident in their ability to wage a relatively ‘clean/precise’ war on Iraq. That’s ok. You didn’t see French citizens or any other nation helping out after 9/11. But the US needs to look out for the US and its citizens.

    South Africa is one nation on the African continent that has suffered many tragedies. They all need help. North Korea needs to be stopped from developing nukes, but our single nation can only do so many things at a time.

    That’s great if Dave wants to us his name to promote peace, but that’s not what comes from letting Saddam continue to kill innocent thousands, test weapons on his citizens, or place children around military targets. He cares less about his citizens than we do. He’s just uninformed. He doesn’t know that less than half of our oil is imported. He doesn’t know that Clinton opened a huge oil reserve in Alaska, (which was also a wildlife preserve, bought off by a business that gave him aver 100,000 in contributions) thereby increasing the American supply of oil. That’s ok that Dave doesn’t know these things, but he cant expect to preach peace when he doesn’t know the facts. If you want to blindly follow the politics of a great musician, more power to you, I just hope for the rest of the nations’ sake that you cant vote.

    Make love not war is a wonderful thought, just like communism is a peaceful thought: everyone just helps everyone else out and gives them what they need. But neither of these actually work in the physical world. Iraqi (and other nations’) children attend parades for terrorist bombers. It sucks, but its the real world. We Americans need to make ourselves better informed about the world, and to some I would suggest attending your Government, International Relations and Economics classes to understand that WAR IS SOMETIMES NECESSARY. Thats why Sherman was a General and not a writer or a hippie. He knew. I know it. And those people whose job it is to know it: The President and his cabinet, know it. Thats why its their job and not ours, and its sure as Hell not Dave’s. He needs to stick to what he does best: make music, not public policy.

    If you don’t want to listen to me, just read the opinions of our military men that have posted. After all, they are the ones risking their lives, not you.

  76. I dont exactly agree what Dave Matthews said but I dont’t disagree. Everyone here says hey Dave stick to music, your point is not valid. But your wrong. His point is valid, not because he is a celebrity. His point is vaild because he is an American.

    Everyone who post something against Dave Matthews what makes your point better than his. Do you know exactly what is going on. Why dont you go stick to whatever the hell you do just like you tell Dave Matthews to do so. This is ridicoulous. Im sick of people thinking they know so much about the situation and play it off like their experts. What makes you so much more qualified.

    The people I enjoy to hear debate are the ones who don’t get in fights(“FISKING”) about who is right and who is wrong. Dave expressed himself. Everyone juumps on his back like hes a criminal,”that dave matthews is an idiot we need to go to war right now”,”dave matthews you stay out of this only normal people can decide what we do not celebrities”. Thats the problem with America everyone thinks the’re ideas are more important then the others or that certain citizens points don’t count. Well that is the kind of thin Iraq isn’t it?


  77. Some others have echoed the point I tried to make. While I don’t necessarily agree with the opinions that Dave Matthews expressed, he had every right to tell us where he stands, just as others have been doing here. If you think Mr. Matthews should keep his opinions to himself because he is unqualified, why are so many people giving their opinions right here? I’m sure the majority of these people posting messages don’t work for military intelligence. It seems a little hypocritical to me.

    Dave Matthews was perfectly justified on issuing that statement, just as Mr. Reding was justified in making his point.

    The difference is, Mr. Matthews expressed himself as a concerned citizen and a caring individual. Mr. Reding simply showed us what an ass he is.

  78. Dave Matthews understands the truth. Mr. Reding does not. The truth is God, and God is love. Nothing but love. If you hate, you are acting un-Godly. Killing for peace is as oxymoronic as “military intelligence”. Let’s use some of the greatest minds of our past…Gandhi, Martin Luther King. Non-violent protest. It never fails, but Mr. Reding and the rest of the war hungry nation wouldn’t understand that because their karma allows them to see only what they see. When you raise your consciousness to high levels, all you see is peace. Non-violent protest is the answer, always was, and always will be. It takes a truly STRONG nation to achieve this, and sadly the U.S. is not one of them right now. I agree with Dave 100%. When you see it, you’ll see it. God bless the world, and God bless Mr. Reding so that he may see higher.

  79. I would like to take a moment of your time to remind everyone, both pro- and anti-war, with whom you are addressing. Dave Matthews, as well as others, has a right to publish his opinion. He did it correctly–calmly and without name calling or insults. He chose to address those who would listen and consider what he had to say, much of which is his band’s fan base. His fans sought out his words as some might seek out the words of Chomsky and Wilson, as mentioned previously. Who are these fans? Most, although I dare not stereotype, are not college freshman who quickly grow out of DMB’s music. Most are in fact middle 20s college graduates who just want to hear good music with a positive message of dreams and love and hope. These fans, whom many insinuate are not worthy of an opinion just because we happen to be of a different mindset, are the future. At any given DMB concert, you’ll find a cross-section of the potential lawyers, doctors, senators, ambassadors, businesspeople, and various other occupations who will shape our lives in the future. Yes, everyone has his say, but I only ask that each, especially Mr. Reding, do so with a more polite and respectful tone. Reading your words of such sarcasm and disrespect made my opinion just that much more defined. Our world continues to improve and move to new heights because of those of us who strive for a better tomorrow. Many will refute that to dream of a peaceful society is futile, but without dreamers, our world would be far from where it is today. John Lennon says so beautifully what millions of Americans embrace:
    “You may say Im a dreamer,
    but Im not the only one,
    I hope some day you’ll join us,
    And the world will live as one.”

    Rip apart my opinion, call me stupid and ignorant, do what you must to feel like you’ve adequately defend your position. But also remember that he whom you are calling ignorant today just might put everything you hold close on the line someday. We may be dreamers, but I would much rather live a life of hope than a life of hate and disrespect. Dave Matthews is a dreamer, and daily I use his words to echo my own thoughts. Humility, love, peace, and understanding are what his songs are based upon. Maybe more should take to heart what he advocates.

    “Look here are we
    On this starry night staring into space
    And I must say
    I feel as small as dust lying down here”
    -DMB “Pig”

  80. I respect evryone’s opinion as long as it is does not critique someone for simply speaking their mind.

    I don’t know who you are and I am sure you mean well. But, slamming Dave Matthews for making a statement with some very valid points against the war is immature, regardless of how many degrees you posess. I guess there are some things that can’t be taught at a university. I wish you and your family the best.

  81. First, I would like to say that I am as big of a DMB fan as anyone. But with that said Mr. Matthews is an idiot and I have to say that I need to point out the flaws in Mr. Matthews’ remarks or “I will choke on my conscience.”

    1 – Matthews says that none of Iraqs neighbors support the US. This is untrue. It has been made clear that Kuwait heavily supports a military campaign. And also, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey have stated their support to the United States.

    2 – It is, in part, to stabalize the most unstable region in the world. There are several unstable nations currently on the brink. Installing a strong US presence would help ease the Israel/PLO conflict and also the standoff between India and Pakistan. Also, this puts us closer to the war on terrorism. It is no secret that nations like Iran, Syria, Lybia, etc… harbor terrorists.

    3 – Sec. Of State Colin Powell has proven that there is an Al Qaeda link to Iraq. This fact isn’t even being debated by the democrats anymore.

    4 – Great culture of Iraq? If Mr. Matthews thinks that the mass killing of women and children, slavery, female genital mutilation, and opression is a “great culture” then Mr. Matthews has some serious personal issues.

    5 – The Un weapons inspectors are just that, ‘inspectors.’ They are not there to ‘detect’ weapons. They are not equipped to ‘detect.’ What they are there to do is ‘inspect’ what Iraq has documented. And, as we all know, Iraq has not documented what weapons they have. We have proof that they are hiding weapons. Sec. Powell has shown satellite and audio documentation that proves that Iraq is nothing but a nation of liars.

    6 – Any action must be internationally agreed upon? Sure, in a perfect world. What Mr. Matthews fails to realize is that nations like France, Germany, and Russia have “deals” on Iraqi oil that they want to preserve.

    The flaws in Mr. Matthews logic is astounding. I can only wonder what Mr. Matthews thought when the Clinton Administration was lobbing “Lewinsky Missiles” at Iraqi asprin factories that killed only janitors. I have to ask, is Mr. Matthews’ gripe over the war because he has a strong dislike for President Bush and the Administration? Has he let his political views cloud his judgement?

  82. Sorry for posting again, but I read through a few other posts and saw someone say that Mr. Matthews was not “name calling.” I would have to disagree with that statement. It is clear that Mr. Matthews implied that if you are in support of the war effort then you are un-American. He implied this when he called the war “un-American.” Anyone with half a brain can see what is implied here.

  83. Dave Matthews may not be a highly “political” man. And that’s exactly what he chooses to be. He sees higher than ethnocentrism and the political game. Those who argue for war cannot see his viewpoint. You people have not zoomed out on your personal camera eye to see it. If we are to really call our country a great one, then we must act like one. Acting out of fear and anger are not Godly qualities. Mr. Matthews and other great minds like Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Jesus, Guatama Siddharta, etc. all saw the all-encompassing peace that exists in us all. And for those who choose not to search within, all you see is war as the answer. I cannot blame you, I was once there myself. Keep looking my friends, and when you find it, you will see the error in your ways. I will not attack your opinions. I respect your opinions. I respect each person as a soul of God, even if that person wants to kill me.
    War will create more Al-Queda hostility…then I say LOOK OUT AMERICA. Why does Iraq and Al-Queda hate us so much? Our greed, arrogance, and pride. Simple. Why doesn’t Iraq go and kill the Dutch? They don’t want anything from Iraq, but we do. And Iraq knows it. Peace comes first from within and then a whole new world opens up for you as your consciousness raises to new heights. Look for it, it’s there. Love is all.

  84. Eric, your arguments are flawed and I’ll tell you why.

    1 – Did you know that MLK Jr. was a womanizer and a money launderer? Is he still a great mind? Also, Ghandi beat women. Is that a great mind?

    2 – I think you should read the Bible. God is not 100% about love. The Bible is one of the most bloody books there is.

    3 – Al-Queda has and does attack other nations. Remember the Bali Bombing? Remember the attacks in England ten years ago? Remember the attacks in Africa? Remember the attacks in Kuwait? And I’m sure you’re well aware of the attacks in Israel.

    I think you should go back and formulate your thoughts and then come back and make them public.

    It’s better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you’re a fool than to open your mouth and let people know it.

  85. Devin, oh my good man, one who says God is not 100% love doesn’t understand God. It’s ok my friend, I pray you will get there sooner than later. Gandhi is indeed a great mind. 1,500,000 Muslim and Hindus non-violently removed 100,000 British who possessed one of the greatest armies in the world at the time. MLK helped blacks to where they are today. Non-violent protest never fails. I would gladly take a bullet and stick to peace than kill for it. Why? You must think I’m nuts. Well when you’ve come to know God, you stand by His side, regardless. You don’t know God, period. God does not equal war, never has never will. Mr. Reding would tell you this (I think). This life is for one reason, to help others peacefully and to learn to look within, to remove yourself from samsara (if you’ve studied Buddhism you’ll know what i’m talking about). Life is not to call me foolish and bash me to make yourself feel better. Lighten up my friend, life ain’t so bad ya know? You nor I will solve this Iraqi situation, obviously. But calling me foolish for expressing my OPINION is well, you fill in the blank. Devin, speak what you may, I only hope you see a brighter light soon.

  86. Eric, are you assuming that I am not a Christian? If you made that judgement then you would be wrong. I know who God is, and what God stands for. Read the Bible and you’ll see that the wrath of God is heavy and hard.

    And I also find is amusing that you ignored the fact that MLK Jr was a womanizer and a money launderer. And that Ghandi beat women. Sure, they did great things, but what does God say about acts of the heart?

    Eric, it does not matter what great acts you do of the body, but what is in your mind and heart. MLK had rotten fruits in his life and so did Ghandi. Therefore they are flawed men.

    God may not stand for war, but wars have been waged in the name of God. The Crusades anyone?

    And Eric, you need to read the Bible, when you said “you don’t know God period” that would be a judgement. What does God say about judging others? Seems like you’re the one with the issue with God.

  87. No I am not judging anything here Devin, but when you know God, you truly understand God is peaceful and always so, regardless of whether there have been wars waged “in the name of” Him. If you know God, then you’d know that war is not the answer. What would Jesus do? I’d bet my life he wouldn’t kill for peace. C’mon man you should know that. Whether MLK or Gandhi are flawed men is not the point, they did great things through non-violence. Humans are flawed, they make mistakes. You seem to say nothing against non-violence itself, but rather rip into those who use it against injustice. The statement “you don’t know God” is not a judgment, it’s an observation. A judgment would be like saying “you don’t know God and you’re an asshole”. So I choose not to judge. Just ask yourself, what would Jesus do? Buddha? Nothing.

  88. Dave Matthews, Foreign Policy Expert and World Leader

    Since, the logic follows this way: Dave Matthews is an excellent song writer and musician – arguably the best in his business. He is, of course, deserving of any and all accolades he receives regarding his songwriting and live performances with his band. Therefore, as the logic goes, because he is such a genius and so talented at what he does, he must also be equally capable and smart, well-versed, well-studied, and capable to make foreign policy judgments.

    Following the aforementioned logic, Colin Powell (or any other foreign policy expert you’d like to choose) should be fully able to produce a great album, with great words and music, and give great live performances. If you’re balking at the application of the logic, let’s tone it down a bit. Shouldn’t we, following the Dave Matthews logic, be able to agree that Colin Powell should at least be able to make sound critical and evaluative judgment on music so much so that he could produce a great album?

    But someone forgot the logic – maybe too much pot – maybe they have no life and consider Dave to be a god here on earth, who knows, but, they forgot that Dave Mathews wasn’t thrown onto this earth at 20-something as talented and as great as he is. He has been practicing and honing his craft. He has studied and studied hard, and practiced and practiced hard. And he has even sought out experts to help him make the best music he can (i.e. his band, producers — new and old, [where?s liliwhite?], and other artists). So maybe our foreign policy experts have also studied their field of expertise. Maybe they are well informed by those who also love that field. Maybe they are well read, well studied, and have even learned from their own experiences. And maybe they are inspired to do what they do for love of man (yes, American) and of country (maybe they have some crazy idea that they want us to be safe and never have to deal with the unprovoked hatred that spawned 9-11 and all the other less successful attempts at crippling the US throughout the ’90s and into 2000) as much as Dave does what he does for love of music and love of man. Dave is lucky in that his audience is larger than just the US. But maybe the anti-American Muslim extremists don’t like him either. He’s rich. He’s made his money through our capitalist system. He drinks and does drugs and even jokes about it. He has people who behave “hedonistically” at his concerts. Maybe they hate him as much as he “loves'” them. And maybe they hate him for the very Rich American arrogance he displayed by his open letter to George Bush et al.
    I love Dave Matthews. I think he is the number one musician today. But you idiots don?t get the irony. Those who hate us the most, hate us for our hedonistic lifestyle. They hate our promiscuity, drugs, drinking, rock, materialism, etc. You rich, spoiled American brats who have all of your money to spend on the very sex, drugs, and rock, and who live the live of the ?Godless,? as the Muslim extremists say, are the real fuel for their fire.

    We are not an imperialist nation. We certainly could be if we wanted. Kuwait and Iraq could be annexed states if we wanted and we all know that.

    Put down you bowls and read your history, because those who don?t know history are doomed to repeat it – and I don?t want you morons, Dave included, taking me down with you.

  89. Devin, if it makes you feel better go ahead. Just remember there are 26 versions of the Bible, 2 Testaments, thousands of interpretations, and there have been many parts taken out, including Scripture on reincarnation, something most Christians think is silly. So feel free to quote my man!

  90. Oh and in response to: “Eric, it does not matter what great acts you do of the body, but what is in your mind and heart.” This is a fundamental difference between many Christians and all other religions. Acts of the body count! Why? Because acts of the body spring from acts of the mind. They are connected. The mind is perfect, it is the all-knowing higher self essence. Our confusion is the “other part” of mind. This confusion of the six realms called samsara in Buddhist texts is what leads us to un-Godly action. Jesus cannot save us, we are in essence already saved! We just need to find it inside, once we do, remarkable changes occur to our consciousness, and then you see why war and killing is so wrong. But until then, it’s like a rat running in its wheel, wallowing in confusion in the world of samsara, going lifetime after lifetime from bad karma – DUE TO ACTION OF THE BODY AND MIND.
    “If the doors of perception were cleansed,
    Everything would appear…as it is, infinite”
    -William Blake

  91. Eric, you’re backtracking.

    Telling me that there are 26 versions of the Bible is covering your own ass and you know it.

    You know that you’re wrong but you can’t admit it. I don’t care what liberal church you subscribe to. I don’t care what comet you think you’re going to get a ride on. And I don’t care what space ship you think your ancestors came from. Point is you’re wrong and you know it.

    Quit backtracking.

  92. Devin, looks like you’ve run out of arguments. Backtracking? I’m simply responding to your last post. I’m a forward thinker my man. Read some books on other religions to give you a different perspective, then maybe you’ll have a different perspective on the war. It’s always been an issue of some of us Americans who refuse to put ourselves in other people’s shoes. So where’s your Scripture quotes? And please let me know which version of the Bible you’re quoting from.

  93. In regards to the above post… Looks like Jay Reding understands the importance of the words Dave Matthews speaks, Jay unfortunately uses Dave Matthews to he himself prosper and gain notice among people with a brain that are not afraid to use it. Jay, unfortunately, your out classed on this one. Better luck next time, maybe you should try your local newspaper before addressing issues like this in the future. Atleast then, you will only be embarrased infront of say 1000 people at most.

  94. Dave’s lyrics on “Don’t Drink the Water” seem so relevant in this impending war with Iraq.

    Don’t Drink the Water

    By: Dave Matthews Band

    Come out, come out, no use in hiding
    Come now, come now, can you not see?
    There’s no place here, what were you expecting?
    No room for both, just room for me
    So you will lay your arms down
    Yes I will call this home

    Away, away you have been banished
    Your land is gone and given me
    And here I will spread my wings
    Yes I will call this home

    What’s that you say?
    You feel the right to remain?
    Then stay and I will bury you

    What’s that you say?
    Your father’s spirit still lives in this place,
    Well I will silence you

    Here’s the hitch, your horse is leaving,
    Don’t miss your boat, it’s leaving now
    And as you go I will spread my wings
    Yes I will call this home

    I have no time to justify to you
    Fool you’re blind, move aside for me
    All I can say to you, my new neighbor
    Is you must move on or I will bury you


    Now as I rest my feet by this fire
    Those hands once warmed here
    But I have retired them
    I can breathe my own air
    And I can sleep more soundly
    Upon these pour souls
    I’ll build heaven and call it home
    ‘Cause you’re all dead now.

    And I live with my justice
    And I live with my greedy need
    Oh I live with no mercy
    And I live with my frenzied feeding
    And I live with my hatred
    And I live with my jealousy
    Oh I live with the notion
    That I don’t need anyone but me

    Don’t drink the water
    Don’t drink the water
    Blood in the water
    Don’t drink the water

    Don’t drink the water
    Don’t drink the water
    There’s blood in the water
    Don’t drink the water
    Blood in the water

    You’ll all be dead

  95. Good one Eric Mitchell. You don’t even know the difference between your and you’re. Learn some grammar before you make comments about someone elses intellect.

  96. Wow, lets post some lyrics! Please, if you don’t have anything of merit to add to the discussion don’t post at all. You’re wasting our time and bandwith.

  97. Good one. Mixed up on the grammar, I am glad we are arguing about that now and not the fact that this topic will help no names like Jay Reding and yourself make a statement and take a stand. lol, you guys are a joke. lol.

  98. Obviously the point was well over your head, Eric Mitchell. Because I clearly said that YOU shouldn’t make comments about someone elses intellect when you clearly have none yourself.

    You risk looking like a hypocrite.

  99. Looks like Devin’s found some new people to pick on. Christians aren’t supposed to do that I thought. Let’s keep it light in here. After all, what’s there to prove? We all know the lefties will stay on the left, and the righties will stay on the right, and the wise will stay out of it!

  100. Dave Matthews, like the rest of us “Americans”, has the right to freedom of speech. Everyone, this includes musicians, has the right to voice their opinions. I admire Dave Matthews for speaking out eventhough he knew he could be put on the “black-list” of entertainers. It took a lot of courage to make that statement.
    Thank you Dave for writing such a powerful letter.

  101. Dave Matthews, like the rest of us “Americans”, has the right to freedom of speech. Everyone, this includes musicians, has the right to voice their opinions. I admire Dave Matthews for speaking out eventhough he knew he could be put on the “black-list” of entertainers. It took a lot of courage to make that statement.
    Thank you Dave for writing such a powerful letter.

  102. Hey Everybody! I have chosen to send many american troops into battle to secure a griphold on oil resources. It has nothing to do with setting up a democracy as you will soon see there will be no democratic election taking place after this illegal war. It is entirely clear that my father and I don’t give fuck all about Iraqi civilians and the fact that we stood by and watched Saddam slaughter thousands of his own people after the 91 persian gulf war is evidence. We could have removed him for these crimes against humanity years ago but instead as my father said “we need an iron clad government in place to ensure stability in the region”. Let’s hope that Saddam does not have any too many of the weapons that Donald Rumsfield sold him in the 70’s left. I am a coke-head so excuse my lack of intelligence. The fact that this Dave Matthews character is speaking out against this war is absurd. What does he know? Just because he has travelled everywhere and has seen the genocidal dictators we have supported all around the world doesn’t mean he is smarter than my “never-travelled-not-even-to-europe-ass”. I am confident that all Americans support my decision to send young Americans into Iraq to possibly face their death, but it is for my oil you see. I am a coke-head but you must believe me when I lie and say that Saddam is responsible for september 11th. Sorry for all the Terrorism that our country will face in the future due to this attack. Remember that it is my coke-headed fault and that I am the dumbest man in America, next to my father and possibly Cheney. Remember that the only reason I even got into school was because of legacy credits and remember I am a mass murderer psychopath, coke-head, not unlike Saddam. God Bless America and more importantly my oil fields!
    George Dubya Bush

  103. You people are so absurd and ignorant. I checked this site again to see if anyone could respond to my post, and I have seen that you cannot.

    Unfortunately all you can respond to is propaganda. This conflict, like any other is surrounded by it, each side adding its own twist on it.

    Never thought I would have to say this, but How Dare you? How dare you compare Dave Mathews with Jesus Christ or Buddha. It is really disgusting how you could even let those words fall from your lips (or fingertips) Jesus is my Lord and I love him. But Dave Mathews is no christ. If he was a Christ, a Ghandi or a Buddha, he would lay down his money adn his time for those less fortunate and try to help them find happiness. You dont see Dave trying to save the ‘beautiful culture of Iraq’ by sending them a few million dollar aid package. After all he made enough money off my friends and I after selling tickets upwards of 60 dollars each (and dot think they wont become even more expensive). But no he couldnt do that, because he represents the capatialist beneficiary that every poor nation hates. And honestly it doesnt really bother him that much. He’ll still have his mansion and his droves of mindless followers who spout word of love and peace. Not that love and peace arent wonderful ideas, but they are not realistic in a world where people like Saddam control armies that kill and torture their own innocent civillians intentionally. If you were an iqaqi you would want to kill him yourself. Especiall after his troops came into your home, killed you father raped your mother and tortured your siblings because youre a Kurd, or just a random victim that may have said something like, “I dont like it when I have to starve while Saddam has 50 palaces and even more cars than Dave Matthews himself.”

    Dave has his opinons, thats great! More power to him, but the only problem is that with the fame he has aquired and the power that comes with it he has a responsibility. That responsibility is to his fans. When he says something, they listen. This power is abused when you spout uninformed decisions. I feel it is ok for me to ‘trash-talk’ him for doing so, for several reasons. 1. I am more informed about the crisis in the middle east than he is, and alot of you guys are too. Simple fact. 2. To everyone that hears me, I am just some guy on the internet that has a few valid points and everything I say is taken with a grain of salt. His opinions (to many people) are taken are seriously as the word of God, and this is scary. 3.Its my right, its called freedom of speech, this freedom like any other freedon is coupled with responsibility, which I exersize both of, by informing myself before i try to inform others.

    As for Bush and the war. Sure he probably did some coke in college, so did that other president we had named Clinton, who actually had convicted coke dealers over to the white house within a few months of his innaguration. (How many of you who insult him have done it too?) You all dont realize that it is not Dubyah running this country, he has a cabinet of very intelligent people, and this other thing called congress that are also responsible for running this nation. (Jim Sparrow)

    Do you think that the US is just going to move into Iraq and take over the oil fields. If you do than you underestimate our european associates, who would not allow that to happen, neither would our national leaders, if that was even something that Bush had considered.

    Saddam is linked to the Al queda. He harbors them and funds terrorist organizations. Another simple fact. Was he responsible for 9/11, probably not. But I would bet his money help them out a bit. I would also bet that Saddam gave the usual 25,000 dollars to teh families of the terrorists who commites this act.

    But I ask you a question. If Saddam COULD have done the 9/11 bombing, do you think he would have?

    For all of you who think this is an oil war. Welcome to the world of mindless followers of propaganda. It is simply illogical to spend upwards of 75 billion dollars on a war to get oil for a few dollars less per barrel. The US also has oil reserves and by lowering the price of oil American manufacturers also recieve less money, thereby hurting our own industry. For those of you who understand economics you understand what i mean.

    If you think he will declare Iraq Bushland and take over, you are ignorant. we didnt do that in WW2 with Japan or Germany and we wont do it now. We ARE the good guys, and you would realize that if you had experienced anything close to a day in the life of an Iraqi citizen.
    I didnt mean to write this much but the sheer stupidity or ignorance (im not sure which) of many of these postings drives me to do so.

    i realize i may sound a bit abrasive, and i do not mean to insult, but i become very frustrate when people bash each other over things they are uninformed about.

    You are all welcome to refute my statements, but i do doubt that it will actually occur, just as you did not respond to my previous post.

    PS Saddam is an evil evil man and he should be killed, and its the US thats best equipped to do that. God bless America.

    pps- Chelsea you rock!

  104. Wow, I can’t believe how many people responded to this. I just happened to fumble upon it while searching for lyrics to a DMB song. I saw the statement he issued a while ago (on the Warehouse fan site) and cannot believe how much attention his comments have got. Jay – I thought your article was funny, but a little harsh. I personally was totally for the war, but still- Dave’s comments were exceptionally mild for a celebrity. Also, he is rather known for his wacky, idealistic peace and harmony views–HOWEVER– at least he backs them up with his generous charity contributions. So he should have some right to speak his mind, besides, he’d look like a hypocrite if he was for the war. What I don’t understand is this– I was only aware that he issued a statement on the Warehouse fan site– a pay website that only a limited # of people use, now I assume it was probably also on DaveMatthewsBand.com and maybe a handful of other sites but even still, why all the attention on HIM??? Why not find an easier mark? Like some of these ridiculous celebs using TV airtime to speak their mind. I didn’t care for Matthew’s statement too much, but he has a right to say whatever he wants, and as I said before I think his statement was quite tame as compared to what I’ve heard some of these morons saying. Anyways, everyone has their opinion, I think you’re definetely smarter than alot of the people who’ve posted comments on here-some of these are just hilarious- but don’t pick on Dave Matthews, please?

  105. i have never been to this website before, but i am a hardcore dave fan and an extreme pacifist and whoever this jay guy is…ur seriously retarded, dave is absoultly correct, what the hell do u know about the war in iraq, dave knows more about these situations then u will ever know

  106. I would write my opinions, but most of what i would say has already been said. does Dave not have reasons to say what he did? Read a bio f#cKer. He’s just a man with “SO MUCH TO SAY”. Bush is an Idiot, (that really has nothing to do with this, well, sort of, I just felt like saying it).

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