Invasion Of The Nancies

It looks like my earlier comments on Dave Matthews anti-war piece has been picked up picked up by a major DMB fan site.

Needless to say, I’m glad I put on my flame-proof underwear on this morning.

While Mr. Matthews may be a talented musician, and a Quaker, and he may have grown up in South Africa, that still doesn’t make his statements any more correct. He’s still basing his arguments on a set of fundamentally flawed assumptions. So far I’ve yet to see any of his fans actually make an effort to logically prove that his assumptions are correct. If any have any refutations they can back with evidence, they are more than welcome to them.

I will cede that I was a bit harsh on Mr. Matthews, but that’s the style of a Fisking. However, I believe my logic stands.

6 thoughts on “Invasion Of The Nancies

  1. What evidence do you have Jay?The President doesn’t even have any evidence. The UN has called Colin Powell’s and Tony Blair’s evidence bogus and irrelevatn. What you saw on the television ended up being a bogus intelligence mission.

    “US Congressman John Dingell, the most senior member of the US House of Representatives, admitted at a September 29 “town meeting” that he has seen no evidence that the Iraqi regime of Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction.”
    If your congress does not believe the president and sees that there isn’t any reason to believe there are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, then once again, what evidence do you have?

    Seems as if you are nieve my friend. You are part of a handfull of people that believe the conservative warmonger Bush. A majority of our country doesn’t believe the president according to a pole taken by ABC.” Fifty-eight percent in this ABCNEWS/Washington Post poll say they’d like to see President Bush present more evidence against Iraq before taking action, up eight points since September. Fifty-four percent also express concern Bush will move too quickly against Iraq, rather than too slowly. ”

    It is people like you that are the reason why once we are not the big dog on the block, we are going to get bombed. I thought that the world learned from the first two major wars and would settle things more maturely. Obviously people like you have learned nothing from the generations before you. The next major war is going to kill you if you are lucky, and the people who survive are going to live in agony until their almost certain death.

  2. I suggest you read Kenneth Pollack’s book which spends some length into the history of Iraq’s efforts to hide its significant stockpiles of chemical and biological agents as well as its clandestine nuclear arms portfolio.

    As to the future, the only thing I can predict with utter certainty is that unless we are absolutely vigilent in tracking down and eliminating the spread of weapons of mass destruction we will most certainly see an attack that will make September 11 look tame. We cannot afford to run that risk.

  3. You are referring to old polls.

    Poll: Majority Would Support Iraq Attack (

    More than half of Americans support military action against Iraq without the support of the United Nations, as long as the United States has allies in the effort, a new poll shows.

    The ABC News-Washington Post poll showed that 66 percent support military action to oust Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, but that dropped to 50 percent if the United Nations opposes the action.

    But a clear majority, 57 percent, said they support military action against Iraq if some allies support it, even if the United Nations doesn’t.

    More than six in 10, 63 percent, now say that the Bush administration has presented enough evidence to justify force. But the public still expresses a preference for building a broad alliance, 59 percent, to acting quickly without international support, 37 percent.

    Nearly six in 10 in a CNN-USA Today-Gallup poll, 59 percent, said President Bush has a clear and well-thought-out policy on Iraq. Last fall, people were evenly split on that question. Just over half said the United States has done all it can to solve the Iraq crisis diplomatically, while four in 10 said it has not.

    The ABC-Post poll of 1,001 adults was conducted Feb. 6-9 while the CNN-USA Today-Gallup poll of 1,000 adults was conducted 7-9. Both had error margins of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

    emphasis mine

  4. Dave writing this for publicity????? It seems you’re giving Kevin Pollack plenty of it. You must really love this book for mentioning it as many times as you did (even giving a link where to buy it), or he’s the one in need of publicity.

  5. I mention Pollack’s book only because it’s the most in-depth analysis of the Iraqi situation I’ve yet seen. (He has also written some good articles on the subject in Foreign Affairs and elsewhere.)

    And no, I’m not getting a cut from any of it – even the Amazon link doesn’t net me a dime. I’m only recommending it because it is makes the strongest case so far (and dispells a lot of myths.)

  6. Thanks for letting me express my opinion Jay. I will check that book out. You come up with a good point that I cannot refute.

    Coming from a younger generation, I believe that Matthews speaks to many people my age. The uncertainty of war makes us second guess whether or not anything we have accomplished in these short 20 some odd years will matter within a couple of months.

    I just hope that the President wisely makes a decision that will not hinder our reputation with our closest allies. The breaking up of NATO would be a significant event. It may ultimatley lead to the next world war.


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