The End Of NATO

It appears that the Franco-German "Axis of Weasels" has decided that gutting the credibility of the UN is not enough
and now they have turned their sights on NATO

Belgium, France, and Germany have vetoed a request by the government of Turkey for protection under Article 4 of the NATO Charter that allows member nations to ask for protection if they feel there is a danger to its national sovereignty or borders. Turkey believes that there is a potential danger to their people from a counterattack by the Iraqis in case of invasion.

The three states decided to make a political point rather than respond to a request for help from one of their own peers.

This one of the most abhorrent and cynical political moves to come out of modern Europe. It is clear that the Europeans harbor a deep mistrust of the Turks, based upon their refusal to allow Turkish entry into the EU. This kind of destructive attitude only gives further credence to forces in Turkish society that would rend apart the world’s only standing Muslim democracy. Such actions are reckless, stupid, display a breathtaking lack of common sense, and fly in the face of the goal of NATO.

Then again, this sort of thing is exactly what the US has come to expect from the dark and withered heart of Old Europe.

2 thoughts on “The End Of NATO

  1. I wholeheartedly agree that this action by the Paris, Berlin, and Brussels represents a step in the wrong direction for NATO. And btw.. the axis of weasels is indeed a trio now that Belgium is happy to trail the coattails of its white flag waving larger neighbors.

    However I disagree with two points made in this arguement.

    1) Iraq is no threat to Turkey. Turkey has probably the most powerful army in the region, a highly sophisticated intelligence network, and the largest number of soldiers in the region due to their large population and mandatory millitary service. Syria tried to f**k with Ankara before.. and they were forced to back off, Iran has been put in that situation. Any doubts on whether or not the Turks can handle themselves is shown with the way they crushed the PKK . Tony Blair and his merry band of IRA appeasers in Westminster might want to take note of that.

    2) The mistrust of Turkey comes from more than Islam. France is down with Armenia to put it lightly. France has a large Armenian population, excellent relations with Yerevan, and was the first nation in the world to recognize the Armenian Genocide (debates on that issue can be saved for a later day). A close friendship with Armenia makes it tough to warm up to the Turks. Second of all Turkey’s human rights record is not that hot. Sure they are leading the region, but they are like Israel. Great by middle eastern standards, horrific by western standards. The army also needs to back the f**k off before Turkey has a prayer of entering the EU, it is too dominant in society. I agree you have French xenophobes like Valery Giscard D’Estaing saying the Turks aren’t European, but coming from a man who was best pals practically with murderous Central African dictator (and former french soldier) Jean Bodel-Bokassa, his credibility suffers.

    As for the Germans.. yeah they are just racist. The Turks there are treated terribly, most denied citizenship. While France has an assimilation model of complete cultural assimilation, the German model is just to deport and discriminate. Belgium is the same, although most of that comes from the Flemish region, where the Vlaams Blok polls well. French Belgium is somewhat better (watch the film La Promesse- on the topic of immigrants in French speaking region of Belgium- great flick).

  2. I have never heard anything stupid like this. Whatever this site is ,it must have geneticaly defective midleeastern origin, perhaps the secon and the third flag is pritty simbolic to it….

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