The Real Cowboys

Andrew Sullivan has a very pursuasive argument that France and German represent the biggest threats to world order. The United States has bent over backwards to work with the UN on crafting a resolution on inspections and despite the fact that the terms of the first resolution did not require a second, they are seeking that as well.

Compare that to the actions of France and Germany, who have used every diplomatic dodge and weave they know to ignore the imminent threat of Iraq. They are the ones acting as unilateralists and cowboys, and the looming breakdown of such multilaterial organizations as the UN and NATO is largely based on their irresponsible actions.

One thought on “The Real Cowboys

  1. I disagree with UN being multilateral. It’s not even an alliance. It’ s “collective security”, pseudo-peacekeeping, and beaurocratic gangbang of democracy is a joke (just like Leagu of Nations before it). The organization,whose primary concern is to appease sucj dictatorships as Lybia, Iraq/Iran, and Syria is doomed to disintegration once a crisi comes up-case in point-NOW.

    As to NATO-true. It’s a shame, but then on the other hand, if NATO’s demise doesn’t mean much to F-G-B, then NATO’s existence wouldn’t mean anything either…

    The coalition of the willing WILL form again.

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