The Battle Begins

US lawmakers
are already encouraging a boycott of German and French products
. I don’t think the Europeans quite realize what a shitstorm they’ve just unleashed on themselves. The Europeans love to hate Bush, but the best they can do is act snotty towards Americans. Americans can stop buying European products and stop engaging in European tourism which would cripple the European economy.

For my part, I’m no longer buying French wines. Their Australian counterparts are just as good, and I’m supporting a government who isn’t weak-kneed on the war on terrorism.

3 thoughts on “The Battle Begins

  1. Gotta disagree with you on the boycotting of German and French products. Am I expected to park my BMW? I also have to wonder what French wines you’ve been drinking. It’s funny that this is all because they’re backing an organization that is basically the birth child of the US. Make that 2 organizations that are the birth children of the US.

  2. Let’s boycott all French products and no travel to France. Americans have given tens of thousands of American lives in freeing France, and this is the thanks we get. We are suppose to be allies. Instead France decides to do Grand Standing.

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