More Twisted UN Logic

Hans Blix has reported back to the UN and stated that the inspectors have found no evidence of weapons of mass destruction. It appears that the UN inspectors couldn’t find evidence of their own asses with two hands and a flashlight either. Then again, when you have an inspection team whose primary concern is avoiding conflict rather than an accurate survey of Iraqi military hardware, that’s what one would logically inspect.

Despite the fact that it is abundantly clear that Iraq does have weapons of mass destruction, the usual suspects are cheering the inspectors ability to miss the obvious:

After the presentations, French Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin said U.N. inspections, which resumed in November after a four-year break, "are producing results" and should continue. His address was greeted with applause, rare for Security Council speeches.

Pardon my French, but va te faire foutre! What kind of sick, twisted, and perverse logic can come up with the assumption that this is at all a sign that the inspections are doing anything? What results have the inspections produced, Ambassador de Villepin? They haven’t found any weapons, even though they’ve been looking for months. We know that the Iraqis are buying equipment designed to develop nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons. Where are they? Why has there been no effort to account for them?

The fact is, the UN has essentially lost all credibility. The goal is no longer the disarming of Saddam Hussein’s Iraq (assuming that it ever was) – it is now preventing the United States and Great Britain from cutting off trade with a rogue nation and potentially finding damning evidence that members of the P-5 have been selling Iraq components to weapons of mass destruction.

This isn’t about the relative merits of peace versus war, or unilateralism versus multilateralism, or anything else. This is a sickening attempt for nations to place their own economic self-interest above all other considerations. In essence, the UN itself proves that the international system is a Hobbesian state of nature in which self-interest prevails above all other concerns. The UN is no longer deserving of being housed in the United States, and once Baghdad is liberated, the order should be given for them to be evicted from the country.

6 thoughts on “More Twisted UN Logic

  1. Except there clearly are weapons of mass destruction hiding in Iraq. There’s mountains of evidence in the form of Powell’s presentation, plus evidence that has been collected by numerous intelligence agencies across the world. Furthermore, if that were so, then why would Baghdad go through all these hoops of denying inspectors access, creating a false report to the UN, and making moves that at the very least look like they’re hiding evidence? The only way any of Baghdad’s actions remotely make sense is if they’ve something to hide.

  2. “The only way any of Baghdad’s actions remotely make sense is if they’ve something to hide.”

    Who said they had to make sense?

  3. Another good question to ask is “why” the administration is so relentless in its position that Saddam has WMD (bio & chemical) and is so insistent on him diarming? The answer, however not likeable is in the history of Iraq/Iran war in the 80s…
    We helped Saddam to fight Iranian expansionism; helped him with technologies and resources to make bio weapons; trained him to hide it.

    I know that some doves will say we have noone to blame, but ourselves, the point remains-Saddam has WMD; we know about; he knows about us knowing; and neither can admit to it…so we must disarm him, becuase we know precisely the threat he poses to us.

  4. …”There’s mountains of evidence in the form of Powell’s presentation.”

    Is that the one he cribbed from 12-year old magazines and schoolboys’ homework?

    “…plus evidence that has been collected by numerous intelligence agencies across the world.”

    Like the stuff the CIA wouldn’t share with the inspectors? And which, when Blix saw it, made him laugh in Powell’s face?

    “The only way any of Baghdad’s actions remotely make sense is if they’ve something to hide.”

    You’re wasting your time here – I hear there’s an opening in the Pre-Crime Dept.

    As of today, all wingnuts are officially fucked – no credibility, no legitmacy, the laughing stock of the land – couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of morons. See ya!

  5. I’m sure you’ll be eating those words once the true extend of Saddam’s nuclear, chemical, and biological arsenal is revealed – and the Iraqi people have been finally liberated from Saddam’s tyranny.

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