Real Soon Now

The Sun is saying the war will begin by next Thursday.

Personally I hope so, for several reasons. First and foremost, the faster this war is over, the faster our troops can get back home. Second, the faster this war over, the faster we can watch the anti-war folks frantically try to get the egg off their faces when the true extent of Saddam’s WMD arsenal is revealed.

Also, the faster the war is over, the sooner the Iraqi people can be free.

One thought on “Real Soon Now

  1. “And the sooner the war is over, the faster the Iraqi people can be free.”

    Sell me half a dozen bridges!! Your analysis in the past has been astute in pointing out that Iraq has no democratic tradition.

    Between Iranian backed Shi’ite extremists (whose fundamentalism has only gotten worse in face of Saddam’s persecution), 2 different Kurdish warlord groups more interested in self-peservation than freedom, and whatever remains of the Baath’s Sunni Arab support (that won’t be too happy with its loss of power to the other two groups), the last thing we are going to see is a free Iraq.

    I argue for the dismantling of the state, a false political creation in the first place. It has a volatile mix of peoples that will never join together to form a cohesive and democratic state that is necessary to ensure “freedom.”

    The Chaldean Catholics already learned Iraq is not viable for freedom.. which is why most of them live in Detroit right now. I say we let Milwaukee take the Kurds.

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