Robert Fisk’s Raving Lunacy

I’m now convinced Robert Fisk no longer has any grasp on reality.

This latest column of his first denies that Khalid Shaikh Mohammed was captures, then denies that if he was actually captured, he probably wasn’t the "mastermind" that the CIA thinks he is.

There are plenty of assertions in the column, but absolutely nothing in the way of proof or evidence. One gets the feeling that Mr. Fisk is doing whatever he can to grasp at anything that might diminish the Bush Administration’s position despite the fact that nothing he claims is even remotely in tune with reality.

What we have here is a textbook case of cognitive dissonance in action. Mr. Fisk should really seek help before his paranoia gets the best of him.

2 thoughts on “Robert Fisk’s Raving Lunacy

  1. Despite the fact that Fisk is a moronic baboon, I’ve read Russian media (credible) that actually independantly confirms the same: not only Mohammed is in Pakistan, but, moreover, Pakistani government is talking to Kuwait about possibly transfering him there–he is originally Kuwaiti.

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