4 thoughts on “The French Connection

  1. ….but never Pyongyang???? On second thought, please, please, please instruct Bush to wage war against Paris. A poll out yesterday already showed that ANY Democrat would beat him if they ran up against him today. The quickest way to ensure that he follows in his father’s footsteps of squandering a 90% approval rating would be for him to widen the scope of political enemies he seeks to destroy. Maybe then, we will have elected a more moderate President that can repair the damage Bush has caused domestically and globally before its too late.

  2. North Korea != Iraq

    North Korea has nuclear weapons. Iraq does not. That makes an enormous difference in what policies work and what policies end up with Korea and Japan smouldering cinders. Hence the military option with Iraq and the diplomatic option with Korea.

    As for President Bush’s approval ratings – those don’t matter at this point. The election isn’t tomorrow, it’s 18 months away. Once Baghdad is liberated and we start hearing about what Saddam has really been doing all this time, the ones who will be facing a public approval crisis will be the ones who wanted to leave the Iraqis to that hell.

  3. Well mark, I guess you are right in your last comment, people who think about the other countries of the world are punished in the election, for doing what they see as right. thank you for bringing up the fact that liberals voted in clinton after the last time we pummeled Iraq. Thank goodness the country brought in such a forthright president after that that dicpicable conservative Bush.

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