Since I decided to take a day off (there’s only so much Iraq blogging one can take in a short timespan), here’s all the stories I missed yesterday. (And yes, I know I’m not the only conservative Jay to do a series of impromptu posts but bear with me for a moment or two.

Elizabeth Smart is found alive and well (at least physically). Hooray.

Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic was assassinated in Belgrade. It’s a damn shame, as he was a popular pro-Western reformer who could help make Serbia into a functioning state. Between Djindjic and Vojislav Kostunica, things were looking up for Serbia. Now, who knows?

Poor Tony Blair. He’s facing a firestorm of criticism for his position on Iraq. Then again, he’s also saying that he’ll stand by the US.

That’s what I like about the man. Forget that he’s still more on the socialist side than I’d like – he’s a man of honor. He said he’d stand by the US on this, and it’s looking like even the threat of losing power won’t lead to him backing down. We know we have a friend in the UK, and we’re not going to forget that one. I’ll lift a frosty pint of John Courage to the Right Honourable Tony Blair…

…it’ll be a great way to wash down those freedom fries.

One thought on “Impromptus

  1. I’m convinced that Bush must have some compromising photos of Blair. There’s no other possible explanation of Blair falling on the sword for a cause that offers no conceivable benefit for his country. I guess it’s his choice, but it’ll be the people’s choice to decide his fate in the next election, and I don’t expect that it’ll be pretty.

    As for the “freedom fries” and other infantile French-bashing endeavors, shouldn’t we be above this? It’s humorous how conservatives are suggesting that war protesters are “playing right into the hands of the enemy.” In effect, French-bashers are doing the same thing by losing sight of the enemy we’re about to go to war with and heightening anti-American attitudes abroad. With the resoundingly anti-war feelings across the globe, does it help America’s cause when Americans who choose not to fight in the war they endorse are seen dumping Bordeaux wine onto the streets of Atlanta?

    Villification of the French, however culturally justified, is the best way to make them the “good guy” in the perspective of swing countries whose citizens are dead-set against the war. Bush is seen across the globe as a bigger threat to peace than Hussein. Inflammatory rhetoric and juvenile nationalistic tantrums at home against dissenting governments will only enhance negative opinion against Bush and America. Much as most conservatives pretend that the concerns of the world outside of US borders is irrelevant, they might disagree when the massive bill comes due for the rebuilding of Iraq and America has nobody else to pick up the tab.

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