Bring Them Home

A bill in the House would allow the government to help repatriate the remains of American soldiers buried in France. While this is a symbolic gesture, it just goes to show how offended America is at the actions of the French government.

Personally, the real slap to the face would be banning the French from serving in reconstruction efforts in Iraq. That would be a bill that would hurt the French the most and send the most clear signal that the actions of the French are unacceptable to America.

3 thoughts on “Bring Them Home

  1. How about a bill banning the french from selling nuclear reactors to Israel?

    oops, too late.

    How about a bill banning Israeli weapons companies from selling weapons to every dictator everywhere?

    oops, too late.

    Jay Reding showing some moral consistency?

    oops, too late.

  2. On what law would you base such a ban? Who would have to pass it? How would you implement it? Why would you want to pay even more for the reconstruction of Iraq by not having the French be in on it? And why oh why would you want to slap the French in the face? Your comment does not seem to be so much about politics as about defiant childishness on your part. Reminds me of “we will teach them a lesson” talk. Who put you in the position to want to play teacher?

    Ok ok, enough of Jay bashing. I will still have you over for beer, mind you.

    But as a more serious thought, how would that repatriation act work out in real life? Are you gonna ship some excavation gear to France and start digging? Or would you rather ask the French government to return the remains (may they rest in peace, and may their death not have been in vain, in the very long run)? What if the French government says no? Is there any treaty between your countries that deals with that sort of question? Or is that bill really only a symbolic act to improve the Franco-American relations?

  3. Yeah, I’m not Jay Bashing either. I don’t intend to sound as mean as I come across some times.

    My consistent point is that Palestinians are human beings and react the way any human beings would, treated the way they have been.

    But this French-bashing (Gee Jay, can you think of another country that gets bashed a lot?) just appeals to the dimmest people. Anyone who’s lived a couple decades knows this is whole war controversy will have a shorter span in the public consciousness than the “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” craze did.

    I think by year 5 of the occupation there will be a lot of people saying, “I wish someone would have stopped us.”

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