The Speech

The President issued his clarion call on Iraq tonight, making it clear what Saddam Hussein must do to avoid war. It was one of Bush’s better speeches, aided by the fact that the message was clear. This is no longer a time for diplomacy or hesitation. Now the US must act to prevent Saddam Hussein’s threat from further destablizing the region or attacking the United States.

I would predict that support for the war will likely surge now that the case has been made plain and the deadlines set. Many people who were on the fence over this war will either see the cause for what it is or accept it as inevitable. The dissenters will continue to dissent, but their opinions will be even more academic than they once were.

In terms of setting the tone, Bush performed wonderfully. He had the stature and the firm sense of resolve to state the case and lay down Saddam’s last ultimatum. Now the job falls once again to our soldiers to carry through the actions that will match the President’s words.

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