5 thoughts on “Iraqi War Crimes

  1. Pretty sad when the fallout of the war that conservatives insisted upon needs to somehow be the fault of the Europeans. The ultimate irony here is that if we had followed their advice in the first place, we wouldn’t be having a discussion right now about US prisoners of war. If anything, they should be arrogantly wagging their finger at you today, rather than vice versa.

  2. Had we decided to take the European route Saddam Hussein would already have nuclear weapons, and a handful of POWs would be the least of our worries.

  3. That’s quite a logical leap of faith, but then again such leaps are necessary to support this war in general, and more specifically, your illogical and paradoxical attempt to blame France and Germany for US prisoners of war in Iraq.

  4. It’s not a very big leap in logic.

    Europe was ready to drop the sanction on Iraq in the late nineties and end containment altogether out of a false sense of humanitarianism. Had that actually occured, it seems quite likely that Saddam Hussein would have been able to purchase enough material build a nuclear weapon.

  5. Despite all the sanctions, inspections and resolutions, Saddam has never given up his goal of acquiring an NBC arsenal. Total UN failure.

    We will change his mind.

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