The Road To Baghdad

The Iraqis have been putting up a considerably stronger fight than expected in the past few days managing to create pockets of resistance in Nasiriyah and Umm Qasr that has forced US and coalition troops to fight and fight hard.

The overall progress of the war seems to be proceding well as US troops are now within 100 miles of the Iraqi capital of Baghdad.

The battle for Baghdad may be one of the hardest of the war. If intelligence is correct, many of Saddam’s top forces are digging in around and inside the city. Urban warfare is a possibility, although coalition forces would clearly like to avoid such an engagement if at all possible.

Estimated coalition casualties are at 25. Certainly any number of causualties would be high, but this figure is low considering the level of resistance US forces have seen. It is possible we will see higher figures as the war wears on.

As always, the fog of war is thick. Information is difficult to come upon, and accurate information doubly so. However, it is clear that despite the resistance, coalition forces continue on their way to Baghdad and the removal of the heart of Saddam’s regime.

One thought on “The Road To Baghdad

  1. Hi Jay,
    I don’ t really undertand what don’t you guys nuke the city, or the country? this way, you wouldn’t have to make urban fight since there wouldn’t be any building left!
    sparring innocent lives isn’t what prevent the U.S army since sending 300 cruise missiles in a town center cannot kill only militarians.
    it must be this cultural difference that blinds me from seing the positive aspect of the “peace and freedom with humanitarian help operation”!
    I love your comments. I think that I heard some kind of same comments in “Patrcik’s” once…god the guy was so drunk!!!
    take care,

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