James Lileks, as always, has something profound to say about the war.

Ten Marines dead. No one expected that. The plans called for zero casualties, after all. This changes everything. Rip up the war plan.

At Normandy ten men died every second. Up and down the coast. All the damn day long.

Yes, our troops are meeting resistance. Yes, that was to be expected all along. This war was never going to be a cakewalk, but significant numbers of the regular Iraqi army have surrendered. The Iraqi civilian population is welcoming the Americans as liberators.

It’s still a war, though, and wars have casualties. Saddam Hussein is most likely still alive, although members of the Iraqi leadership are likely dead. There’s still a lot left to be done.

Yet it will get done, even if it takes every ounce of American strength to do it. We didn’t back down after the hell that was Omaha Beach, and we’re sure as hell not going to back down for a Hitler wannabe.

3 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. Like the fox trying to hide the chicken feathers sticking out of his mouth, conservatives who insisted Iraqis would be throwing themselves at our surrender draped in white flags. The civilians, we were told, would be dancing in the streets after their city went up in a blaze of US military bravado. Given the swagger of military leaders late last week, we were led to believe the war would be long ago over by today and that the rebuilding process would be begun. Now, all of the sudden, you and other war-mongers are telling us to be prepared for a battle and be prepared for more dead Americans, and suggesting that’s what you had said all along. I realize Americans are sheep, but our memories are still longer than that. Much as you may wish you were Superman and could simply fly a few rotations around the Earth to reverse time, the erroneous information you predicted last week continues to be erroneous information after the prediction failed to eventuate.

  2. Yes, those Iraqis sure are resentful of America removing Saddam.

    Furthermore, there is a very convienent link to my archives on the left sidebar. It’s not as my previous comments and predictions on this war are any large secret.

    And for the record here’s what I said on February 14:

    "Granted, this is war, and in war things can and do go wrong. This won’t be a simple sweep through the desert, as Sean-Paul puts it. We will face resistance from Republican Guard units, and we will probably see urban combat. However, we have advantages in air superiority, combat tactics, and logistics that have been created over years of military experience. While this war will not be a cakewalk by any means, it won’t be a Vietnam either. The best weapon the US military has isn’t necessarily precision weapons, night vision, or even armor-piercing rounds. It’s a system that’s adaptable enough to learn from its past mistakes and make sure that they’re not repeated in future conflicts."

    I think the past few days have proven those comments to be fairly accurate.

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