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  1. This is a great public relations boon for the Hawkish American right in their continued campaign to villify France. Is this act despicable? Of course, but it reflects the actions of some extremists (probably far left) more than it does a aan entire nation. The tough law and order government of Jean-Pierre Raffarin and his no nonsense justice minister Nicolas Sarkozy will no doubt come down very stiff on this. I read an article about this in the Mirror, and I believe these are World War I graves, and France most certainly was not freed in World War I (they had stabilized their lines and made progress a year before Yanks even arrived). We could look at this action for what it is, and condemn it as such and be horrified by the specific action. If we choose the path of nation bashing, we will expose our own moral hypocrisy. If it wasn’t for these damn French, we would might still be signing God Save the Queen. France has survived wars, revolutions, and plagues, and will be around for a long time. The truth hurts!!

  2. A few items in response:

    No doubt there will be “serious consequences” for this rabble once they are proven to be in “material breech” of French laws (don’t hold your breath).

    You mistake the French for what they once were, not what they are now, a pathetic nation desperately seeking relavency.

    As for:

    “If it wasn’t for these damn French, we would might still be SIGNING God Save the Queen”

    That is assuming all of America is dumb and deaf. Please refrain from calling folks Leftists without provocation.

  3. “K”

    When the best you can do to refute me is catch me on a frivolous (albeit important) typo, I feel bad for you. I commend you for your grammar accuracy, but in terms of actual content you offered very little. No one here is arguing that France is what it used to be in the early 19th century. But a nation that is currently number 4 in terms of world economic size, that has a sphere of influence that covers atleast half of Africa, and is a nuclear power is hardly irrelevant. France is not a superpower anymore, but it has effectively emerged into a potent midsized power (just like Great Britain). I would be interested in discussing this with you, but I am sure you will just throw out more rhetoric and spelling lessons instead.

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