4 thoughts on “Punishing The Unwilling

  1. Is Kennedy’s bill forbidding privately-owned companies from investing in post-war Iraq? If so, I would question the legality of such a law. Not to mention the fact that it seems to negate the whole GOP laissez-faire dogma. Apparently, loose regulation of business is only good when it fattens the wallets of American entrepreneurs. When foreign entrepreneurs stand to gain a buck, then we need government to regulate them and deny their freedom to profit.

    If Kennedy’s merely trying to stop France and German government dollars from assisting the US in reconstructing Iraq, I’m sure the French and Germans will be more than happy to yield their opportunity to help the American government finance this war through deficit-spending. They’ll probably give Kennedy a round of applause if his bill passes.

  2. Hi Jay,

    “France, Germany and Russia […] chose to put their luck in Saddam Hussein “???
    that’s it man. you are just so stupid I can’t believe it. How can you lie like this? do you actually believe what you wrote here?


  3. Considering that Russia made a $40 billion deal with the Hussein government only a few months ago, and French oil company TotalFinaElf also made deals with the Hussein regime in the past few months, I think that it’s fair to say that they were putting their money on the continued existence of that regime.

    Now that Hussein is gone, I wouldn’t expect them to get one cent of their investment back.

  4. I suppose the US never had a deal with Sadddam…weaponry(including toxic gas), and petroleum too!!
    of course france as well.everybody did.
    at least, its clearer now: the US couldn’t make any deal with this country because saddam didn’t liked the US, so the US took the place over.This way, they’re pretty sure to get contracts, since they are on both parts of the agreement.
    furthermore, a US company sold two nuclear reactors to north-Korea in 1998.guess who belongs to the board of this company? It begins with an “R”, and finishes by “umsfeld”…
    your answer just prove on thing, this war is not about freedom, it’s about investments.
    congratulation for the victory!

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