Is Saddam Dead?

One Iraqi envoy certainly believes he is. Given the speed of the fall of Baghdad and the fact that there has been no communication between Saddam and his Republican Guard and fedeyeen forces, it’s quite likely.

Of course the Arab TV stations are broadcasting images of Hussein waving to adoring crowds coincidentally said to be on the same day those same crowds were toppling his statue in the streets. It seems that Baghdad Bob’s unwillingness to accept reality was par for the course for much of the Arab world. Despite the fact that Saddam is out of power and the Iraqi people are glad to be rid of him, there are those who will argue that Saddam is still very much alive and will punish those American infidels Real Soon Now(tm).

Even if we do find bits and pieces of the former Iraqi dictator scattered about the remains of his bunker, and we confirm that it’s dictatorial DNA splattered over the broken walls, I have the feeling it won’t really matter. Dead or alive, there will be those who will always cling to the illusion that Saddam is still the Great and Imperious Leader who will smite the infidel and put all those bothersome children back into jail.

Of course, the rest of the world, and much of the Arab world itself sees the writing on the wall. The reason for the poverty and suffering of the Middle East is not the United States and Israel – but homegrown autocrats and tyrants. If Iraq becomes prosperous and free, the old order that has dominated the Middle East will soon fall.

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