Four More Down

Four more key Iraqi officials are now in American custody including the head of Iraqi Military Intelligence. Strange, I didn’t think Iraq’s military proved to intelligent at all – excepting those who surrendered immediately.

5 thoughts on “Four More Down

  1. yeah and US soldiers and officials proved to be so intelligent!! cleverness is what lacks in every army!
    anyway, last week , you had an article called “the smoking gun” where you related that US army had found missiles loaded with chemical gas, or biologic something…you were so proud to finally read that in the news, that you forgot to question it. but NOW? have the test been made? what are the conclusions? were are they?why aren’t the officials talking about it anymore?wasn’t it a bit early to declare that without proof? wasn’t it a bit early for you to believe that?
    there are still no WMDs found in Iark, wether you like it or not.these weapons could be hidden in Syria, OR don’t exist.
    you should invade syria just to make sure.

  2. We don’t know where Saddam Hussein is either, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t exist.

    It’s not easy to locate a few thousand liters of anthrax or a mobile weapons laboratory buried in the desert in a country the size of California. The evidence will turn up, it’s only a matter of time and effort. In the meantime, the priority should be on rebuilding and stabilizing Iraq, not looking for the remains of Saddam’s WMD arsenal.

  3. sorry for the bad grammar, I’m just a foreigner…at least you can get a different point of view! I don’t see any american trying to talk on french forums…
    My point here is that Jay claimed than WMDs had been found which is still not the case today!(04.25.03).so, before stating something, wait to be sure of what it is.There might be some WMDs in Irak, but we don’t know it for sure. I’m not saying there are none! but claiming that some’d been found is a lie!
    BTW, I sought that the Pentagon knew where they were? did they forgot it, or was is just a hoax in order to go to war before the summer or the election process gets to hot?

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