The Missing Link Found

Investigators have uncovered evidence of links between Iraq and al-Qaeda, including documents bearing the name of Osama bin Laden. The documents show that Iraq made overtures to al-Qaeda in 1998 in which Iraqi intelligence was attempting to make contact with bin Laden.

This evidence proves that there was an active effort by Saddam Hussein’s regime to make contact with al-Qaeda. This also shows that there was a possibility that Iraq would supply al-Qaeda with resources and information. Clearly this also proves that the Bush Administration was not spouting empty justifications when they warned of a link between Iraq and terrorist groups like al-Qaeda.

It is become more and more evident that the case for war against Iraq was exactly as advertised. The people of Iraq did want to be liberated from Saddam Hussein. There was a connection between Iraq and al-Qaeda, and there was the possibility that Iraq would be willing to support al-Qaeda. More evidence of a possible Iraqi chemical weapons facility has been found. Of course, none of that will change the arguments of many on the anti-war side, many of whom see the war as nothing more than an imperial exercise. However, it is clear that the removal of Saddam Hussein has been a benefit to not only the people of Iraq who had to live under his tyrannical rule, but the entire world as well.

4 thoughts on “The Missing Link Found

  1. Just because Hussein tried to contact al-Qaida doesn’t mean al-Qaida was playing ball. Nothing in the news that I’ve heard suggests that there was any mutual association between the religious zealot and the atheist. Beyond that, you and wishful-thinking military officials have cried wolf so many times in regards to discovery of WMD’s in Iraq, a wise observer would be best-suited to wait a day before believing anything you may say about smoking guns since tomorrow is likely to change the story entirely.

    In regards to the war being a benefit for the people of Iraq, the people of Iraq seem to disagree a little more everyday. Two weeks after liberation and even Fox News would have a hard time finding an Iraqi citizen who doesn’t hate America more than they hated Hussein on the streets of Baghdad. You wouldn’t know it by watching the news, but rabid anti-American sentiment is growing stronger every day in the rest of the Arab nations as well. Even those in the Arab community who previously supported America are finding themselves closer to the positions of protestors and terrorists following the war. Whether or not fabricated al-Jazeera propaganda has inspired this is ultimately irrelavant since we knew we’d be up against that in the first place. Some skillful diplomacy is desperately needed to avoid all out regional war over this…and I don’t sense the “my way or the highway” crowd in the Bush administration is up to the challenge.

  2. just for those who didn’t had the idea to check the press link , here is the first sentence of the article:
    “Experts cautioned that preliminary tests can be unreliable”
    please jay, you’re just loosing credibility by claiming news that are not confirmed to be true!

  3. just the last sentence of the article to get my point:
    “The United States and Britain accused Baghdad of violating that cease-fire and invaded Iraq in March with the stated aim of stripping the country of banned weapons of mass destruction. No such weapons have been found”

  4. Hey Mark, I was wondering if we can’t see the growing anti-American attitude on the news, then how do you know about it? It seems to me that you are the one with an unreliable source. Unless of course you have a source, that isn’t Micheal Moore or some other liberal who is uneducated in his beliefs of the world.

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