The Domino Effect

Tacitus finds evidence that Iraq has set off a wave of real stablization across the Middle East. Already Syria appears to be cracking down on terrorism, the hardliners in Iran are shaking in their boots, and the India/Pakistan situation has been defused.

Oh, and to all those people who said that the Bush Doctrine would inflame tensions over Kashmir and justify a preemptive war between the two – how would you like your crow served?

3 thoughts on “The Domino Effect

  1. Just wait a few months, and we’ll see who gets a free trip to the Crow Buffet…

  2. The crowds of rabid anti-American demonstrators on the Arab streets throughout the Middle East get larger everyday. And India’s become emboldened to pursue a pre-emptive strike agianst Pakistan after the US got away with pre-emptively waging war against its bad guys. You should know better than to proclaim other people are going to eat crow only three weeks after a war’s conclusion, particularly with such overwhelming regional instability persisting.

  3. Hi Jay,
    you know, I think I will stop watching the news, and only read your will sound so much easier and nicer!!!

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