Dennis Miller vs. Norman Mailer

Dennis Miller, one of the funniest and smartest comedians working today has a deft and merciless dissection of Norman Mailer on OpinionJournal. (Yes, Dennis Miller writing for the WSJ – it’s a weird world!) A sampling of his rapier wit:

A guy like Mailer hates a guy like Bush because Mailer thinks of himself as infinitely smarter than Bush and yet President Bush is the most powerful man on the planet and old Normy’s connecting through Atlanta and flying on prop planes to a community college that’s so far out in the sticks the mail rider has yet to arrive with the message that The Great Mailer is currently more out of the loupe than a jeweler with conjunctivitis. All so he can scoop up a submicroscopic honorarium and the accolades of star-struck locals and 18-year-olds who mistakenly think Mr. Mailer wrote "Gravity’s Rainbow."


4 thoughts on “Dennis Miller vs. Norman Mailer

  1. Miller has always been good at clever soundbytes, I’ll give him that. But he fails to ever give any sound reasoning to his support of Republican politicians. He said he supported Dole over Clinton primarily because Dole made such a profound sacrifice for his country. Fair enough. But now he defends Bush who avoided making any sacrifice for his country. This is a common Republican act of hypocrisy, but I would expect better from someone as intelligent as Miller.

  2. Stop the presses – a comedian that fails to provide a completely intellectual framework supporting his work.

    The nerve.

  3. Perhaps the reason he supports Bush is the fact that he is pro-actively dealing with the problem of Islamic Facism rather then sweeping it under the rug like the previous President. (And we all know what that led to don’t we?)

  4. Do you think Mr. Bush understands the phrase “Islamic Facism”? Or are Bush’s motives more about helping his oil buddies and covering up Reagan and Bush I’s single-handed strengthening of Saddam Hussein’s position in the Middle East? Not quite sure…just trying to weigh both sides…

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