Looting The Truth

Remember how the Iraqi National Museum was looted with US Marines did nothing? If not, you’re right, because it didn’t happen like that. It appears that many of the Iraqi artifacts were not stolen, but put away into a safe place before the beginning of the war.

Mr. Curtis’s remarks may help explain recent reports by both Iraqi officials and American authorities that losses at the National Museum are less extensive than previously feared. For instance, Col. Matthew F. Bogdanos, a Marine reservist who is investigating the looting, said recently that Baghdad museum officials had listed only 25 artifacts as definitely missing.

Mr. Curtis said it appeared that a vast majority of the looting at the National Museum had not taken place in its display halls but in its basement storage rooms, where more commonplace objects were kept.

Unfortunately, facts tend not to interfere with the propagation of a good myth. Expect to hear stories about how the US did nothing while Iraq’s cultural heritage was looted for some time.

One thought on “Looting The Truth

  1. so if some of humanity greatest souvenirs have been saved, it’s not due to americans, since you said”it was done before the war”.and if this hasn’t be done, it would have happen, since the ONLY official building that was protected by american forces was…guess: Ministry of Petroleum!!!
    don’t take pride in something you didn’t do.
    I hope that the person who stated that has proof of what he’s saying, because it seems really hard to find something in this dawn country, even when you know where it is 😉

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