Mobile Weapons Lab Found?

It is now being reported that US forces have located what appears to be an Iraqi mobile germ lab. The vehicle matches the description of such a lab given by Iraqi defectors, it was painted in military colors, and was located on a train car usually designed for carrying tanks. Furthermore, the configuration of the trailer matches descriptions of a fermentor and exhaust system that would be used for a weapons lab. Iraqi troops had used a caustic substance, possibly bleach, to clean down the trailer before it was abandoned.

It seems likely that this is a strong candidate for the elusive "smoking gun" evidence of Iraqi WMD production. The trailer, along with the documentary evidence discovered by US forces may shed light on the nature and extent of Hussein’s illicit weapons production.

3 thoughts on “Mobile Weapons Lab Found?

  1. Wow, don’t you ever get tired of crying wolf? I suppose there’s always a chance this could be the smoking gun that your previous predictions weren’t, but my suspicion is that it’s more likely to be just another insecticide factory.

  2. Yes… an insecticide factory… on a military transport… painted in camoflage… with a fermentation tank… that was sprayed with bleach… with an elaborate air filtration system… and equipment for making biological cultures…

    Not even Baghdad Bob could easily explain away that one.

  3. hi Jay,
    looking at the description, it seems like it IS a lab.But, did YOU see it?Did independant expert see it?is it mentionned how old is this lab?
    the pentagon can’t wait to say: “told you so!”.
    But whatever they say is not gonna be trusted by the rest of the world since everybody know they WANT to find something.they are just not objective.don’t ask a member of the KKK to find evidence that “the nigger did it”, because he’s gonna find something whatsoever!!
    independant (UN) experts must search for one else has the legitimacy to do that. I assume that legitimacy is not something very important anymore. 🙁
    I don’t really understand what is the problem to find these weapons. C.Powell had the proof, the pictures, the testimonies, everything! Was he lying or what? Was he just trying to justify an illegitimate attack(sorry but this concept is important to me) !
    and just something else: it takes time to hide weapons so well(like “very well!”).obviouly, the iraki army is not that much prepared, informed, governed…WMDs were at a very low stage of implementation (if they ever existed).
    deal with it, your government lied to its own people to acquire petroleum.this is THAT simple.
    and ONE wagon, or TWO barrels,or even THREE missiles won’t change a thing!how can you consider a threat an army that evaporated in 17 days(and the U.S army took the time to secure every step twice)??
    God bless america, it badly need it.

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