There’s More Than One Way…

The BBC reports that the EU is a haven for dog and cat skins. Yes, there are farms in the EU where kittens are raised to be slaughtered and skinned.

Yes, those ignorant and barbarous Europeans with their simplistic foreign policy and regressive social tendencies are now killing little kittens and puppies. The EU clearly represents a greater danger to the world than Hitler, Stalin, Hussein, and Pol Pot combined. The Europeanization of world culture is a holocaust of catastrophic proportions that must be stopped at all costs, before all the world’s kittens are turned into slippers for les énarques. Therefore, it is time for brave American activists like Joe Bovine to smash French bistros and show our resistance to the encroachment of continental culture!

(Yes, the above was a piece of absolute hyperbole. I figure it’s time Europe got a little of their own medicine…)

3 thoughts on “There’s More Than One Way…

  1. Exactly.

    Such arguments are infantile and foolish. Unfortunately such arguments are all too popular in the pages of Le Monde and Der Spiegle and all too common with European intelligensia.

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