3 thoughts on “Another Intern-Schtupping Democrat

  1. Wait a minute here. Just yesterday, all you righties were heralding JFK as Reagan’s supply-side inspiration…now you’re saying he’s just as lowly in your eyes as Clinton. I think you guys need to decide whether JFK is gonna be your role model or your scoundrel. If the message changes by the day, it lacks as much credibility as everything else you say.

  2. So I either have to absolutely loathe JFK or unconditionally support everything he ever did. Yes, JFK did do some good things with the economy. Yes, he was also a scoundrel and cheated on his wife with anyone willing. It is possible to do both out here in the real world…

  3. Of course it’s possible to like some things about JFK and dislike others, but that’s not what you’re doing. You’re trying to use him as an all-purpose “angel” or “devil”, whichever suits your argument at the time. You guys disingenuously flaunt him on TV ads as a supply-side hero, yet paradoxically continue to insist that Nixon deserved to be President but was robbed of it. When it’s convenient for you to parallel JFK with Ronald Reagan as a free market ideologue, you do
    so. When it’s convenient for you to parallel him with Bill Clinton for not being to keep his zipper shut, you do so. Such wholesale inconsistency, while sadly the GOP modus operandi these days, is not gonna fly for very long before people who aren’t married to your ideology put two and two together. Granted, that’s a difficult process for Americans these days, but eventually the hypocritical overdrive will even hit them between the eyes.

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