Mobile Germ Labs Confirmed

Intelligence analysts are now confirming that the two trucks found in Iraq were mobile germ labs. Analysts examined alternative schemes for the vehicles and determined that germ production was the only logical use for these vehicles. Each of them were covered in camouflage paints and were scrubbed down with caustic agents by Iraqi troops.

It seems that this is the often-elusive "smoking gun" the Bush Administration has needed. This provides authoritative evidence that the Iraqis were producing weapons of mass destruction. A mobile production facility like this could produce large amounts of anthrax in a matter of days. Even a small amount of highly weaponized spores could kill hundreds and sicken thousands more.

The question still remains to be answered as to where the actual weapons stocks have gone. It is entirely possible that Iraq either hid or destroyed a significant amount of their biological and chemical arsenal before or during the war. However, even without finding that specific evidence, it seems clear that the evidence on the mobile labs presented by Secretary Powell to the UN has been vindicated.

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