Goldberg Fisks The Times

Jonah Goldberg rips into the New York Time Magazine article on young conservatives. (See this earlier post for my take.) He notes, quite correctly, that the article takes a very snide tone towards conservatism in general. Then again, I’m impressed that the Times didn’t run an article explaning how young conservatives enjoy beating gays while burning crosses and personally robbing from homeless people. Then again, perhaps I’m really the more cynical one.

2 thoughts on “Goldberg Fisks The Times

  1. Goldberg is the lowest level of slime on the planet. His vocal contempt and blatant attempts to injure the livelihood of poor and working-class America set him apart as the biggest rat in the Republican party sewer that’s already overflowing with giant filthy rats. If Goldberg is criticizing something, it must be worth looking at.

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