The Next Domino To Fall

For the third day, protests have broken out in the Iranian capital of Tehran where students are protesting the Islamic theocracy and demanding a more democratic system of government. The mullahs that run the country, especially the head Islamic authority Ayatollah Ali Khamanei, are facing direct opposition from the streets, something that was almost unthinkable only a few years ago.

The impact of this is immense. We are looking at the kind of popular overthrow that ended Communism in Eastern Europe. These brave young activists are only the tip of the iceburg, and their protests are only one sign of the impending collapse of the Islamic Republic. Despite the paramilitary thugs in motorcycles beating the protestors with canes, the avalanche has already begun across Iran. The mullahs are realizing that what is happening is a chain reaction as the fear and the sense of authority that keep them in power is slowly breaking down.

The people of Iran must know that America stands with them in their quest for liberation. Their courage in the face of their murderous and authoritarian regime is a model for freedom-seeking people across the globe. They are fighting for a better life for their people, and a more stable and prosperous region as well. They deserve the support of the rest of the free world in their battle against oppression.

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