Iraq’s Nuclear Program Uncovered

An Iraq nuclear scientist has led US forces to plans for a uranium enrichment system that were buried in his backyard.

This isn’t necessarily a smoking gun quite yet, but it does show that the Iraqis had the ability to restart their nuclear program at any time. Saddam was merely biding his time until the sanctions were eased or lifted and he quite possibly could have developed nuclear weapons in a far shorter time than many would have expected.

This also shows the way in which the search for Iraqi WMDs will proceed. There isn’t some warehouse somewhere filled with chemical shells. It will be a search in backyards, chemical plants, and hidden caches. The Hussein regime had plenty of time to hide precursors, equipment, and other materials across the country so that neither the UN nor the US could easily find them. However, as the intelligence agencies and search teams comb the country, it is very possibile that more information and artifacts will be found showing the true extent of Hussein’s weapons capabilities.

6 thoughts on “Iraq’s Nuclear Program Uncovered

  1. That’s going to take a hell of a lot of backyards to even come close to the ridiculous numbers we said they had…

  2. Therefore I propose, as a security precaution, the elimination of all backyards in all middle eastern and middle asian countries.

  3. Hi everyone,
    I know this article is on WMDs, I just want to make a small parallel here:

    Few days ago, “W” accused the EU for starvation in Africa. The EU, in rejecting the use of GMO, would prevent these countries to have access to the amazing benefits of biotechs. Swithching to GMO would close the doors of the EU market for african producers.

    just 3 things:
    1-the EU accepts GMOs (soja and rape), and is actually testing the safety of these products to increase their use.
    2-there is enough food in the world. The problem is not quantity but distribution.(just imagine the stocks of grocery store suppliers…)
    3-The United States is the world leader in transgenic agricultural produce, harvesting 75% of genetically modified soya, 71% of cotton and 34% of maize.In adddition, most patents (like 90%) belongs to American companies.BTW, GMOs do not reproduce by themselves. You need to buy them every year.

    Now that we see that W is not telling the truth(I didn’t say he’s lying), the real question is:
    Does “W” believes what he says= he is manipulated by the industries (weapons, oil, biotechs…)
    “W” is manipulating the opinion (in the U.S, and worldwide).

    In any case, he is not telling the truth, but his will (from God like BinLaden?) is strong and will prevail.
    Americans, wake up!!
    You cannot expect from Saddam to say he has WMDs.
    You cannot expect from CEOs to refuse cash(even if it’s not in an ethic way).

    Communist Germany (DDR/GDR) was “Democratic” as the first “D” of the name says.
    The US is becoming the “land of freedom” with the same irony.

    happy birthday blog!!

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